Tai Chi School Survey (brief)

From: Domingo C.
Sent on: Sunday, November 11, 2012 5:58 PM

In a sincere effort to improve our Tai Chi School and the services that we provide to you, we ask that you please complete the following brief anonymous survey.

Try to answer at least the 1st 3 questions...any more you wish to complete will be greatly appreciated.

Note the Gift that you will receive as thanks for participating in this survey.

We look forward to making your Tai Chi experience more enjoyable and rewarding.

Peace and Balance,
Master Domingo Colon

Tai Chi School of Westchester, est. 1978
101 Pondfield Road West
Bronxville, New York 10708

The Tai Chi School of Westchester’s
Third Annual Survey
(and the School’s first Survey by Internet)

This survey seeking your views has been prepared by BobB Market Research of Valhalla, New York, at the request of Master Domingo Colon of The Tai Chi School of Westchester. Your kind assistance is requested to complete this survey, within 10 days of receipt if possible, and to then please email your response to [address removed] or fax it to (914) 239-4809.

In appreciation for your time, Master Colon has authorized us to forward a FREE CLASS OR WORKSHOP PASS to anyone who answers at least the first three questions of the survey. Each Pass has an average value of $25.00. In your fax or email response, please let us know how you would like to receive your Pass – as a pdf attachment, fax or by regular mail (of course, please advise us of your email, fax number, or regular address to which to send the Pass – we will not be tracking this information). Use the Pass at your convenience. That’s it. No strings attached; no minimums other than the first three questions.

If you have any questions or concerns, please also email us at [address removed] and we’ll respond to you as quickly as possible (usually within 24 hours or less). The two most common questions are: “Is this truly anonymous?” (Truly, yes!); and, “How are the responses delivered to the School?” (Responses will be aggregated by this marketing firm and only the combined responses will be forwarded to the School.)

The survey is designed to take six to 12 minutes to complete. We ask that you please complete at least the first three questions, and then as many of the other questions as you are willing to answer.

A message from Master Colon: For those of you who participated in last year’s survey, thank you – we have made improvements to the School based upon your responses. I am even more grateful to know your critiques, as I can only fix what you let me know is broken. It is in that spirit that I again seek your views and ideas as to how to make further improvements. I also hope to use your honest advice to extend the benefits of the art and science of Tai Chi to other members of the community, to strengthen the School’s student base and curriculum, and to advance the field of Tai Chi overall. Remember what I have said to many of you about Tai Chi masters as well as all other group leaders: first and foremost they are only human beings, and thus subject to all the frailties, errors and blind spots of everyone else. It is only with your help that I can make the improvements and corrections which will improve your Tai Chi experience. While it is true that it’s “my” School, it is here to serve you, my Tai Chi family.

OK, that’s it. Again, the first three questions are the most important. Thank you for your time and we look forward to learning from your responses.

Questions 1 to 3 are general to give us your overview of the School. Please write as little or as much as you are willing.

1. What would you like the School to know which you wouldn’t normally state directly to either Master Colon or the instructors?

2. What one or two (or more) things would you like to change about the School; or, put another way, what do you dislike about the School and, if relevant, what would you like to see occur instead?

3. What do you think is the best feature (or features) about the School? Is this something the School can emphasize more for you and/or for making others aware of the School and Tai Chi generally?

If you’ve gotten this far, you’ve earned your FREE PASS, so thanks again! Whatever you are willing to answer from here forward is greatly appreciated:

4. What courses or information would you like to see offered that are not offered now?

5. Is there anything, or anyone, interfering with your enjoyment of classes?

6. What is your view about the physical aspects of the School, including the facility, geographical location, etc.? Is there anything which can be done to improve your experience at the School in this regard?

7. What drew you to study Tai Chi as opposed to other martial arts?

8. Please rank the following School offerings / Tai Chi items in terms of their importance to you, including adding any of your own. If items are “tied” or are “part of a group” for ranking purposes in your view, please rank them together. You can also add plus or minus signs if you think the School should place more emphasis on something or less on another. (Please don’t worry about formatting … just enter your information and we’ll take care of the collating!)

Meditative aspects / Chi development ________ +/-
Chi Kung ________ +/-
Learning the short form ________ +/-
Learning the long form ________ +/-
Breathing within the form ________ +/-
Other breathing techniques ________ +/-
Health benefits ________ +/-
Physical balance benefits ________ +/-
Internal and external sensitivity ________ +/-
(through “push hands”)
Using the forms for practice ________ +/-
Using the forms for exercise ________ +/-
Underlying philosophy ________ +/-
Advanced Techniques ________ +/-
(fa jing, nui kung, ta-lu, etc.)
Weapons forms ________ +/-
Self-defense / Martial applications ________ +/-
Sparring ________ +/-
Other _________________________ ________ +/-
Other _________________________ ________ +/-
Other _________________________ ________ +/-

9. Do you tell others about the School, and if so, what do you tell them?

10. Do you tell others that you “study” / “play at” / “practice” Tai Chi? (You might be surprised to learn that many people don’t tell anyone that they are involved with Tai Chi. The School once had two college suite-mates who were both students of the School, but neither shared that information with the other. Due to their schedules, their paths didn’t cross and neither knew about the other’s involvement with the School for two years!)

11. The School presently offers five Form classes and one meditation/Chi Kung class. Some have suggested making one of the Tuesday night classes into a Chi Kung class. Would you attend a Tuesday night Chi Kung class, say, from 5:30 to 6:30?

12. The School is considering adding a once-per-month[masked] minute Master Workout Class, designed to improve only one or two particular moves on which the student wants to work. Would this be of interest to you? Could you commit to such a class if it fit into your schedule? (N.B.: The class would be considered a separate course meeting 10 times per year and enrollment would be limited to six participants. This course would be included for those students who have purchased the “unlimited” program; for others, regular class cards would apply. Unlike other courses, however, commitment to the course would be required.)

13. To what populations / demographics / groups do you think the School should focus its marketing and education attention?

14. How would you market the School to others? What would you tell them about the School or Tai Chi that would be useful to them?

15. Are you aware that Master Colon is also a licensed physical therapist? Does this have an impact on your view of the School, Master Colon, the training you have received, etc.?

16. What should be asked which is not included above? Please comment as fully as you are willing. We are as interested in what you don’t like as what you do. In reality, “negative” comments are the most difficult to obtain and the most beneficial to know. Master Colon relies upon you as the best people to tell him the reality of how the School is experienced by the students. Only through your honesty and integrity can Master Colon know your inner thoughts and how best to improve the level of service. Again, thank you for your time; it may be the greatest gift you can give.
















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