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Attorney General candidates

a text file 0K Michael C. Aug 2, 2010

Second American Revolution 1

Second American Revolution 1 post card

Adobe Acrobat file 5K A former member Dec 22, 2009


Circuit Court Judges

a text file 11K Michael C. Jul 30, 2010

Hillsborough County Government Websites

Hillsborough County Government Websites

a .docx file 11K A former member May 22, 2009

To Congress, The 5 Pledges

Glenn Beck's 5 Questions To Ask Congress 8/30/09

a .docx file 11K A former member Aug 31, 2009

Hillsborough County GOP Elected Officials

EleHillsborough County Elected Officials (GOP only)

a .docx file 12K A former member May 22, 2009

Karen's #1

Just wanted to make sure everyone saw this article in this past Sunday's St. Pete Times. The paper edition had Karen's photo on the front page of the Business section, above the fold! She's such a SMART mom!

a .docx file 12K Mark G. Dec 29, 2010

Three Questions for Politicians

Three questions for politicians before they vote for government takeover of health care.

a .docx file 12K A former member Jun 30, 2009

General Grade Card

prints grade cards on colored card stock, blue - a, tan B, yellow C, orange D, red F - send grade cards to Congress, grade each vote, reviuse as needed

a .docx file 12K A former member Oct 14, 2009

Tampa Congressional Office Information

Tampa Congressional Office addresses, phone numbers and fax numbers.

a .docx file 12K A former member Jul 1, 2009

Cap and Trade Talking Points

Cap and trade talking points.

a .docx file 13K A former member Jun 30, 2009

Tampa 912 Project Committees

Tampa 912 Project Committees -Join a committee today and help our group. Just send an email to any Organizer listed to the left with the committee you wish to join and they will get you the information.

a .docx file 14K A former member May 26, 2009

The Tampa Tea Party Response to GOOOH

This is one groups analysis of Gooh.

a .docx file 15K A former member Oct 27, 2009

Healthcare Talking Points

Healthcare talking points and message points.

a .docx file 15K A former member Aug 5, 2009

Letter to Editor v1

Letter to the editor RE: Barcus Health Care bill (by Catherine Maentanis)

a .docx file 15K Kerry R Oct 17, 2009

Cap and Trade Threatens American Prosperity

Cap and Trade Threatens American Prosperity

a .docx file 16K A former member Oct 13, 2009


Dan Peterson of Coalition for Prop Rights was our speaker 1/27/15 and he presented Principles and Priorities for implementing Amendment 1. Print, read, sign and send to Dan so we can have our voice amplified in the Florida Legislature on this issue.

a .docx file 17K Karen J Jan 29, 2015


List of library meeting rooms

Adobe Acrobat file 17K Karen J Jul 6, 2009


This is a real plan to take back our country

a .wpd file 17K A former member Nov 28, 2009

Your Rights to Demonstrate and Protest

Your Rights to Demonstrate and Protest. Read these so you will be prepared to discuss your rights when confronted by anyone that might challenge you.

a .docx file 19K A former member Oct 25, 2009

Healtcare Overview - HR 3200

Healthcare bill overview - HR3200

a .docx file 20K A former member Aug 3, 2009

Constitution at a glance

Constitution At A Glance - this document breaks the Constitution down into branches of the Government.

Adobe Acrobat file 22K A former member May 29, 2009

Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Death by Patrick Henry

Adobe Acrobat file 22K Capt.Doug M. Sep 13, 2009

Summary of the Government Takeover of Health Care

A summery of the 10/29/09 Healthcare Bill

a .docx file 22K A former member Oct 29, 2009

Tea Party Letter

Tea Party protest letter...submitted by George D. Print, sign and send!

Adobe Acrobat file 23K Karen J Mar 31, 2009

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