Devon Torrey B.


Minneapolis, MN

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October 14, 2011

How did you hear about us?

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Who's your favorite Doctor, and why?

I'll stick with Paul McGann. It was a slow burn, but the Big Finish audios just really do it for me, his voice is so rich and interesting and I think they've told quite a few of the best Who stories of the past decade with the 8th Doctor. I will have to admit that Peter Davison is "my Doctor", but by the end of McGann's last series of EDAs for Big Finish, I was in love.

Who are your favorite Whoniverse monsters?

Difficult question. I have to say I tend to prefer your Harrison Chases, your Masters, your Count Scarlionis, the more humanoid villains who can trade wits with The Doctor. But everyone loves a good monster. As a kid, I always preferred the Cybermen to the Daleks (even when they were used in subpar stories), so I'll stick with that. I wasn't wrong about how great Who was when I was seven, so I probably wasn't wrong about the Cybermen, either. Oh, and The Weeping Angels are insanely terrifying.


Hello, I'm Devon. Life long Who fan, me. I still have my special heat-sensitive color-changing badge from when I joined the Doctor Who Fan Club Of America, age 2! I'd love to come talk to some people who know their Axons from their Autons.

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