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Death of the Republic

Richard E.
Plattsmouth, NE
Post #: 1,261
ObamaCare upheld by supreme court. Called tax.
The power to tax is the power to destroy.
Steve H.
user 12277586
Columbus, NE
Post #: 7
Before any of you go charging off to arrest Obama, or whatever else you are hinting at, you might want to read the Constitution, and then read Roberts' opinion.

In my opinion, Roberts just made the Constitutional play of the decade. Not only did he completely hamstring the progressive abuse (pun intended) of the Commerce Clause, he has the Democrats praising his vote. By ruling the AHA Constitutional, because it is a tax, he forces the administration to admit they have been lying to the public for the last three years and hands the Republicans the wedge issue they were lacking. On top of that, this ruling reinforces State Sovereignty by recognizing States' Rights to opt out of the Medicaid increase mandates.

The real kicker is that he has placed the issue squarely back in the hands of the Sovereign, We the People. With 66% polling against Obamacare, Roberts basically handed the Republicans the Senate and Whitehouse in November. Obamacare is then repealed with no threat of veto. Whether the Republicans will squander this gift or not, is another question, entirely.

Most of the pundits haven't caught on to this yet, but they will before the week is out. The progressives are convinced they won the day, but they really just lost the war.
user 9074613
Omaha, NE
Post #: 553
So then, how do we go about getting as many Republicans as possible into office this November?

And more importantly -- How do we insure that the Republicans repeal this monstrosity!?

Because I am afraid that, even if we get every Republican we can in Congress and the White House come November, they still might suddenly decide they're gonna let the law stand. And if that happens, then we may have reached the end of this Great Experiment.
Omaha, NE
Post #: 1,258
Support Club for Growth! They will keep the Republicans in line!

As for the Court ruling, what a huge equivocation.

Liberals and all their nonsense talk of being compassionate towards the poor have set government out to tax people who cannot afford insurance.
A former member
Post #: 30
Vote for Deb Fischer - the 51st vote in the senate and don't go back to sleep after the November election. Don't give in to despair and cynicism, either!!! These ARE things we can control - who we vote for and how we think.
A former member
Post #: 98
[b Chief Justice Roberts is a Genius?


And Here:­

Just sayin' this is food for thought.
Diane W.
Omaha, NE
Post #: 248
If , OBAMA considers the tax a penalty,then they are in violation of the S.C. The significant problem is if that is the case, Obama won't obey the S.C. so will be in violation He has already violated the constoitution with other issues. If the H.R calls out the administration to be in violation, they need the Justice Dept to act on the it and that is a joke because they won't do that so what we have is the Admin pushing a health care law that is in violation which is what they wanted in the first place and there is nothing anyone can do about it. Tyranny is at hand.
Jeffrey A R.
Omaha, NE
Post #: 672
Diane does add another layer of interesting when we consider that Obama could ignore the supreme court what then indeed? I guess we will have to see how he will or would do this?
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