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Civil War?

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I think I agree with a blog I read while trying to access the EUTimes. The gentleman writing suggested that we can't really have a civil war because we have no clear opposition leader. What we would have instead is massive civil unrest, based on some unforeseen catastrophe. Clearly if Obama is prepping the troupes, the catastrophe is not unforeseen by all. Anyone want to speculate? Economic, Military, Financial? All Three???
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wow amazing, I have ask is just a play for grab only nation that stands in the way of global order?

We have no clear opposition leader. i dont agree in the time of need we will!!!!

Omaha, NE
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Well here is a new theory I hadn't thought of w/the INTERPOL POLICE:

Given the EPA’s recent license to regulate CO2 it is especially noteworthy that INTERPOL is tasked to seek and arrest EPA fugitives, defendants charged with environmental crimes who have fled the court’s jurisdiction. We will have to wait to see how the EPA criminalizes CO2 violations to determine the true risk of their ruling to American citizens.

But a myriad of questions remain about President Obama’s action, and their answers can only be speculated at this time. What potential intelligence gathering techniques might a group of law enforcement agents use, when provided the latitude to investigate anything under the cover of INTERPOL’s immunity from Constitutional restraints? Could a President who believes the Constitution reflects “the fundamental flaw of this country” potentially hide unconstitutional activities carried out by DOJ or Homeland Security agents within INTERPOL activities? Will political associates of the President hold dual positions with INTERPOL? If the future proves the answers to these questions true, what might history call this agency? For Hitler, it was the Gestapo. For Stalin, the CHEKA.
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I seldom watch Hannity, primarily due to shouting matches, nor will I watch O'Reilly, when Laura Ingram takes his place for the same reason. I did record Hannity tonight, because of a promo. He had on survivors of 9/11. Toward the end of the hour, a few of the people were talking about, how much more of this administration's disregard for what the people want, before the people rise up? Pretty strong language to be using during prime time programming.

As far as leaders of a revolt, I imagine there are groups already preparing right now, for what seems inevitable.

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