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What is flowing into our LIFE IS ALWAYS A MATCH WITH what we are THINKING AND FEELING. No exceptions!!

The essence of all that we are focusing on, is CONSTANTLY FLOWING INTO OUR REALITY whether we like it or not.

Our GUIDE SYSTEM in the form OF EMOTIONS constantly let us know by how it feels, if what WE ARE GETTING is what we ARE WANTING ( It FEELS GOOD ), or if it is NOT what we are WANTING ( It FEELS BAD ).

As we find more things to APPRECIATE or to be GRATEFUL for, our state of appreciation opens more ways to feel appreciation for and the MORE INTENSE our positive FEELINGS are, the FASTER what is wanted IS COMING to us because when we are feeling good, we are, in that moment, ALLOWING more of WHAT WE WANT.

The ultimate purpose is not to learn how to CREATE YOUR REALITY because that's what you've been doing and will always do your entire life whether you're conscious of it or not, the final goal is to DO IT DELIBERATELY rather than by default.

That's why it's called "THE SCIENCE OF DELIBERATE CREATION" because once you've mastered "THE ART OF ALLOWING" what you are wanting into your life, there is NO LIMIT ON WHAT YOU CAN BE, DO, and HAVE...:-)!!

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