Privacy Tips and Useful Info

Not everyone is "Out" as Poly or nonmonogamous, and probably don't want everyone to know they are members here. So here are some tips and useful info for privacy:

1- Our membership list is viewable only to other members of this group. If someone is not a member, they cannot see a membership list.

2- Under, your email address isn't viewable to anyone. Not even the Organizers. You are labeled only as your meetup account name. There is an icon that looks like an envelope on your meetup profile and that's the only way we can contact you via email.

3- You do not have to give your full name on your meetup account.
Instead of Jacqueline Reynolds, you could simply call yourself "Jackie R.", for example.
This is useful if you're worried about anyone searching and finding you. (For any meetup, not just ours.) Some folks don't mind this, others will. If that's the case, you may want to take down your last name:
Go to the top of the meetup page, click "Account", then hit the "General" account settings. In there, you can Edit your name information, and remove your last name. (If you have a very unique first name, then it's probably good enough. But if you have a very common first name, like John, or Matt or Mike or Amy, please leave at least a Last Initial---it would be useful for Event Hosts to know which one to expect at meetups! Thanks!)

4- Under your profile for meetup, if you need to, be sure to click the options "Hide my meetup groups from others" and "Hide My interests from others". You may need to do this under your profile for every meetup you are a member of, if you belong to more than just this one.
This is by far the easiest and most effective way of making sure people who have meetup accounts, but are outside of our group, to not know that you're here!

5-NOTE: Unless you are an Organizer or Event Host, do not message other members of this group unless you have met them at least once in person and made acquaintances. This is just good manners, and helps keep our meetup feeling like the Safe Space we want it to be. Again, if you feel like you've had any violation of your privacy by another member of our group, be sure to contact the Organizers.

6- Contacts from other members: If you do not want other members contacting you for any reason, you can adjust settings to address this. Go to the very top right side of the page, and you'll see a button that says "Settings". Hit it, and go to the page for your Account. On the left bar, there's an option for "Email & Notifications". On that page, go to bottom. You'll see the option "Who can contact you on the site?" It will give you options for just Organizers, Members of your meetups, or any members. Choose whichever you prefer! There's a similar option under that for greetings on your profile.

If I have left out anything in error, y'all please let me know! Contact Robert R for any questions.

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