Ultimate - Club Tryouts, Wednesday Game (Not Ours), & Other Stuff

From: Casimir
Sent on: Wednesday, May 2, 2012 12:09 AM
Hey Everybody,

A few updates:
- Club tryouts are coming up soon. If you want to play club, check out the following links:

For those of you who don't know, "Club" is (formerly...?) the highest level of competitive ultimate out there. It's a step above league. There are practices. And uniforms. And tournaments, and travel, and parties, and stuff. I'm leaning toward trying out for a mixed team this season, still not 100% yet. (The "new" highest level of competitive ultimate out there might now be the AUDL...check it out, it's kind of neat).

Next, there's apparently a Wednesday game started up in the area (Arlington Hts). Check out the details here - http://pickupultimate.com/map/city/chicago - There's a guy's number, text him for details. He sent me a link to some Facebook thing, but I'm not on that and I'm busy this Wednesday, so I haven't followed up. But if you want to play on Wednesdays, this looks pretty cool.

Next, we made it into Skyd! For those of you who don't know, Skyd is one of the (major?) ultimate community magazines / blogs / website type things. In any case, Mark emailed me recently to show me this - http://skydmagazine.com/2012/04/friday-dumps-deadspin-auc-ulti-me/ - Looks like Brian's video from last summer made it onto one of their pages. Note the comment along the lines of "Pickup ultimate is only for the summer." Had I more time, I'd sign up and comment that it's us, and we play year-round.

There have been talks of barn ultimate in the near future. Everyone harass Jamie about setting this up, since he's had a pretty packed weekend schedule as-of late.

Memorial Day game! It's almost time for our first cookout thing of the year. Tony will very soon be putting this up on Meetup, but we'll be doing our standard thing. So Monday, May 28th will be a frisbee day (yes, this means we'll play 4 days in a row!). Show up at 10 AM to start playing. Bring some food. Someone (probably Vince) will have a grill. We'll eat off the grill probably around noon or so, with snacking (and drinking) throughout the day. If you're too lazy / busy / forgetful to bring food, some small monetary donation ($5?) will go toward one or two of us going to grab more stuff from the local Target.

Lastly, there's been a LOT of discussion about the whole idea of competitive / non-competitive games (I've got an email thread that right now is at 74, not counting any side discussions or offshoots). Basically, we tried that Sunday semi-competitive thing. And it was okay. It didn't work nearly as well as it could have, due to a number of things. From what we learned with that trial, we're trying to come up with a better way to appropriately cater to people who want a bit more structured play, as well as the people who primarily want to go out and throw a disc around, maybe jogging a bit. It seems wrong to try and push people one way or another. In the next couple days you'll probably see an email from Dean summarizing a bunch of our thoughts, and our next trial-type thing. So we'll see how that goes, and likely have to refine it one or two more times to get where we want to.

See you on the field,

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