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Advice about situation with rescued dog

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I'm posting on here because I'm in a intense situation, and at the worsed possible time.  I WAS on my way outta here to go to Portland this week and try and see what I can find there for work and such.  My roomate had moved on and I was ready to roll. Until a couple of days ago.. I have this friend who helped save a dog when she was living in the bywater that lived next door whom the owners didn't give a crap about. They moved and left her there. Puppy with no water, food in the middle of July. Outside. She's part bull terrier/Shepard. ( I refuse to say "pit", she's not "pit") my friend took her in for awhile and then put her in a doggie day care on magazine street. She's been there for close to a year. She has had problems paying the daycare bill and this passed Friday , the dog collided with one dog. The attacked her, then another one did. She was jumped by 2 dogs. Tore her ear and her chest there's a small hole that exudes pus. She has scratches and bites all over her. She's never had a problem before with any dog or person. The owners and management confirmed it was not her fault. Being behind her bill and the fight though, they said something had to be done or she had to finally go. I found out from a post my friend had made on fb the situation. I had met the puppy before and I decided I wasn't going to let her be put into a shelter. She's too sweet, yet a barker and apparently a squirrel chaser. She had tried to find her a home before only to be brought back because of her barking in a new sitting. She's fine with me except at coffeeshops, where on the courtyard like at hey cafe, if someone comes back there she barks on. Yet if the people pet her shell be loving right back no problem. She's been threw alot. Lots of abandonment and no love . My predicament is now I have her. And I don't know what I'm going to do. I have no place to stay very very very very soon. And that means WE'LL. Have no place to stay. And I can't find any airlines or trains that will transport her for not one of my arms or legs. Because she's part bull terrier. Most won't. IM NOT PARTING WAYS WITH HER. THATS OUT OF THE QUESTION. IM NOT ABANDONING HER.  She follows me around everywhere.  And when I have to leave her for a bit I hear her. Since I'm not sure what to do. I need advice. I need to make money to get back on track. I either have to stay here and live in a hostel, hotel or streets. Or leave town and do the same thing with even less pocket change. I need to know of anyone or organization that can watch her while I'm at work and if worse comes to worse homewise. Which it inevitably will.  If I can't get something going. I spent money on her medical treatments. And have  a low amount left. I'm not asking for cash, just advice and possibly a hook up to watch her when this all goes down. I'll pay for her kennel, food and anything else. And will visit her every fk day. I'm not giving her up, she's mine. And this should only be for around a couple of weeks. What can I do? Is there any transport that will transport her if we decide to go? Anything?  Thank you. John check us out on fb. Under my email address

Ps. I'll become a gutter punk with a dog if it comes down to it. I'm not letting her go.  
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