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June 27, 2012

How likely would you be to attend a furry gathering of fifty to two hundred people held in a hotel in central Virginia?

Very likely, I believe. :) Of course, it depends on the date and hotel cost and company to be kept, but it would be a very nice additional furry thing to do in the year! And hopefully an opportunity to connect with more Virginia furs and/or people in my area!

Would a registration fee used to cover event costs prevent you from attending?

Hmmm... for 200 people maximum..... I think perhaps $20 maximum would be my payment. Then again, I suck at estimates on ANYTHING. :-/

Would you be willing to volunteer as staff for such an event?

I don't know what I could do! I'm afraid I don't have much experience in staffing....but I would be glad to help out where possible. I'm more of a "follower" than a "leader", but I love helping out where needed. :)

Do you have any suggestions for this event?

The best advice I can give is based off a "failed" meet that I went to, ALONE: If you're going to plan something, STICK WITH IT and let EVERYBODY know if something goes wrong or it's cancelled! Other than that, I would advise researching the area thoroughly to see how "fur-friendly" the locals, police, and other places of business are, in case anyone (e.g. me) decides to waltz around the nearby mini-golf place decked out in a posh walrus suit. ;) Set up a budget and make sure the prices are accurate for everything/anything you need for the time you plan to spend for this meet (how many days?). The attendee cost, as I see it, would probably come LAST, after you figure out how much you'd need. Offer incentives for coming...such as special events to attend or things to do in the area, and be sure to let people know if fursuits are allowed or not (see above recommendation). KEEP SECURITY IN MIND! Being a small meet, we wouldn't have the Dorsai to help us out! GOOD LUCK!


Hello there! Thanks a million for sending me the invite on FA! Oh oh, not much space to introduce myself. I'm Furio, 31 years old, live in Northern Virginia, and am a big gamer, writer, and romantic! LOL Hope to see you soon! BIG HUGS!

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