Volleball BC Beach Rules - 2s 2011

A few rules to remember…
• 21 pt rally point games - teams switch sides every 7 points (no break on switch) and win with
a two point difference;
• If third set, 15 pt rally point game - teams switch sides every 5 points (no break on switch)
and win with two point difference.
• 1 time-out of 30 seconds is allowed per team per game
• 1 30 second technical time-out to be taken when the score equals 21 points, except in 3rd set.
• 1 minute between sets
• Service may take place anywhere along the end line between the extension of the court
sidelines. Teammates must alternate the serve each time their team earns a side out. It is the
responsibility of the players to know whose turn it is to serve.
• A player may cross under the vertical plane of the net to play the ball if he/she does not
interfere with the opponents’ ability to play the ball. Interference results in a point for the
opposing team. No player may interfere with an opponents' play. A player may not contact
the net with any part of his/her body or clothing (exception: incidental contact of hair is not a
fault). It is not a fault when the force of an opponent's contact of the ball hitting the net causes
a player to contact the net, nor is it a fault when a player has incidental contact with the
supports or support cables or referee stand.
• The ball must pass over the net and between the antennas (JT: if no antenna, then between the posts) to remain in play. However, the
ball can cross the vertical plane of the net to the opponent’s free zone totally or partly outside
of the crossing space and be played back within the team’s allowed contacts provided that the
ball, when played back, crosses the vertical plane of the net again outside, or partly outside
the crossing space on the same side of the court.
• If simultaneous contacts by two opponents over the net (joust) lead to a “held ball”, it is NOT
considered a fault. If the ball remains in play, the team receiving the ball is entitled to another
three hits. If such a ball goes “out”, it is the fault of the team on the opposite side of the net.
• No open hand tipping.
• "Beach digs" are allowed on hard driven balls. Serves and hits lifted by the block or the net
are not hard driven balls. Serves are not considered a hard driven ball. A hard driven ball
may never be carried or allowed to come to rest (exception: if taken overhand, the ball may be
held momentarily with the fingers).
• The ball may be contacted with any part of the body (service must take place with hand or
• Any first contact (including serve reception), unless it is played overhand using fingers, may
contact various parts of the body consecutively, provided that the contacts occur during one
• If the first contact of a team is played overhand using fingers (except on a hard driven ball), it
must be clean, no double hit and no carry.
• The ball may be contacted no more than three times in succession by a team (the block
counts as a touch). A blocker who has made the first team contact while blocking, can then
make the second team contact and only one more contact is allowed.
• The ball must be contacted simultaneously by both hands and not allowed to come to rest.
• The setter cannot hold or carry the ball to change direction of the set.
• When the ball is intentionally set into the opponents court (forward or backward), the players
shoulders must be “squared up” or perpendicular to the line of flight immediately prior to the
contact. Exception: When the intent is to set his or her teammate, a ball which is set into the
opponent’s court is legal

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