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PLEASE READ: Red Tent Networking

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In talking with other facilitators yesterday, one point that came up about our Red Tent is how important it is that we're all on the same page with our community guidelines. In the last several months in circle, I've loved seeing new sisters ask questions, and witnessing that any number of women involved in our circle will offer the same answer about how we do things. Truly, this circle belongs to all of us.

So, the question has come up about offering services, and how we support one another in our business efforts and creative efforts, how we connect with one another outside of this circle - what the boundaries are with this meetup list, or our email list and message board, and our facebook page. We (the co-founders) don't want anyone to hesitate to share something for fear of it being "the wrong thing", and we also want to avoid women being "turned off" by too many unwanted or unrelated emails.

These are the boundaries with which we began, and I have been asked to state them clearly, so that there's no mystery.

1) THE STUDIO IS OPEN TO ALL OF US. It is our permanent Red Tent home. Two of us hold the lease for the studio space. All income from events that happen there (including Reiki Share, EFT, meditation circle, various classes, and donations at Red Tent) benefits the Red Tent by ensuring that our rent is paid so that our space is maintained. All Red Tent sisters may use the space - we are willing to negotiate a low-cost flat-rate rent for the day, or a percentage of profit made from the event if someone wishes to offer an event in the studio space. We will gladly promote these events on the Holistic Living Studio meetup calendar and Facebook pages. This benefits the whole of our circle as well as the individual offering services.

2) RED TENT IS NOT FOR PROFIT. There is no "charge" to attend, though donations are lovingly accepted. Most months, between donations and events, we pay our rent and electric and break even (if it has been a good month). If there were ever a surplus, the decision was made long ago that all Red Tent monies go directly back into Red Tent. This is what has provided our fabric, our consumables (TP, tissues, tea, chocolate), and the things we've needed like dishes to eat from or hand towels for the bathroom. Should there be remaining funds, they would go to paying for other expenses like our meetup membership, which is currently an out-of-pocket expenses for individuals. Should we ever benefit beyond that, a community conversation would happen to decide how to best allocate that.

3) POST PUBLICLY, INVITE PRIVATELY. If an event is open to the public, and happening in a public space, and you think your Red Tent sisters would be interested, please share. Post it on our South Jersey Red Tent Facebook page, and spread the word. If an event is happening at the studio or elsewhere to benefit the Red Tent, likewise, post it on our Facebook page. If a private event is being created for the profit of an individual, these need to be handled off-list. Create a private event invitation, and send individual invitations your Red Tent sisters. A ONE-TIME notice to our facebook list is appropriate to say "Hey, I created this private event - please contact me off-list if you would like an invitation." This allows us to network and support one another without using our public list for personal profit. Conversely, this meetup list is for Red Tent communication ONLY. Most women find their way to us for the first time through meetup.  Having this form of outreach is important for our community growth.  It is, however, a very large and public list. Unrelated emails have caused people to remove themselves.  Most women on the Facebook list have been to Red Tent, and this allows us to maintain connection with one another throughout the months.


I hope this has provided clarity.  Thank you for reading.
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