New Event: BLOOD RED COSTUME Halloween Party BYO Wine , POTLUCK FOOD, Optional Poker!

From: Michael M aka T.
Sent on: Friday, October 19, 2007 8:11 PM
Announcing a new event for The Santa Monica WLA Wine & Poker Group!

What: BLOOD RED COSTUME Halloween Party BYO Wine , POTLUCK FOOD, Optional Poker!

When: Friday, October 26, 6:00 PM

Event fee: USD6.00 per person

Where: Click the link below to find out!

Event Description: It's Halloween, time to dress up in naughty or nice costumes, drink good wine, eat good stuff and if your in the mood, play poker at Michael's place in Bel Air*. Show up any time after 6PM with a bottle of $20+ European Red wine, (isn't that where the vampires come from?), an appetizer to share and be in costume. The party will go till 12 midnight-ish +? and the pool will be heated to a steamy, spooky 95+ for those brave enough to swim/jacuzzi with the pool monsters.

Make sure you bring, a bottle of $20+ European Red wine, an appetizer and wear a naughty or nice costume. (Other wise you could be fined at the gate and/or be the pool toss "winner"). There will be a donation collector/security agent at the door, (you know the big bruiser bouncer type with the Frankenstein bolts coming out of his extra large neck). YOU WILL NOT GET IN THE DOOR UNLESS YOU HAVE A COSTUME ON !!! **

There will mostly likely be about 100+ attendees/players from the Santa Monica WLA Wine & Poker Group, and the Santa Monica Wine Meetup Group, Only 30 or so players will be allowed for the optional poker; 3 tables.

$6 meet-up donation for host/organizer provided "stuff" as long as you follow the rules. (It helps pay for the party assistants, supplies and the day after cleaning crew. Without paid help it's just too much work to have parties on a regular basis.)**

This is more of a social event for winos & aspiring winos. So, if are a purest anything, make sure you have a high level of tolerance for non-purest. Or, you could just stay home, talk to your imaginary ghost friends, play on your Weji board and contemplate the true meaning of naval lint in witches brew. Or hey, just bring a good karma attitude and join in the fun.

Bring a bottle of BLOOD RED European wine, ($20+ retail please**) and a potluck item to share. You can bring whatever $20+ bottle of wine tickles your fancy as long as you are willing to take your chances on being tossed in the pool.** As for the appetizer part of the potluck this is your chance to show off your culinary talents. . The BBQ grill will be available. When you respond give us an idea of what your wine food pairing is.

Arrive anytime after 6:00 PM. First wine cork opens when the first bottle hits the door. The poker game will be the usual no limit cash hold'em game with a newbie training table if we get a volunteer teacher. The game will most likely start as soon as five people sit down at one of the poker tables. (It's a group event; go with the flow). Poker game will have varying buy-in of $40-$100 depending on which table you sit at. Blinds will be 50 cent/$1 at the lower stakes table and $1/$2 at the higher stakes table. The game ends at 11:30ish

The host will provide bottled water, sodas & other mystery stuff left over from other parties. If you want anything else bring it.

The host has plenty of chairs.

You are encouraged to bring a swimsuit and use the pool or jacuzzi. There is no lifeguard on duty. Watch out for the pool monsters.

Smokers will be shot on sight**anywhere near the house. If you must smoke go out to the front sidewalk of the house and then run around the block a few times to air out before reentering the house.

FAQ: If Bel Air does not work on a mapquest search use Los Angeles, yes the host really does have a pump action shotgun reserved for smokers.

* Don't be too impressed with the "Bel Air" address. We were calling it the Bel Air Barrio but mapquest would not bring it up & people got lost. The movie stars live at the bottom of the hill.

**OK, so you've cleverly calculated that you will most likely not be shot for smoking, (someone pointed out it might not be totally legal ). Accordingly we will have pool toss for at least one offender in this descending order: smoking near the house, raiding Michael's good alcohol, not putting trash in it's proper container, smuggling in two buck chuck, bringing the "wrong" wine, not having a profile photo posted or any other high treason crimes. A wine soaked committee will be be formed to "toss" selected individuals into the pool for their above noted transgressions. So if you are bringing the "wrong" wine & pointing to your name on the sign-up list that does not have a photo of your smiling face on it start looking around hopefully for a smoker and if you don't see one plan to get wet ! $10+ fines will be imposed for those who show up without a bottle of wine and/or an appetizer. That's assuming we let you in the gate and even then we may put you in the Elmer Fudd section and/or feed you to the pool monsters.

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