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Sent on: Thursday, June 28, 2007 9:55 AM
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Ever had one of those days? Where you kind of feel like nothing is going right and you just wish you could get hit with a stroke of good luck? One thing I like to do is write out a list of things I'm grateful for. Not only does it make me aware of how fortunate I am to have the friends and suppprt that I do, but it creates positive energy that helps me manifest exactly what I've been longing for.

Go ahead, before you leave work for the holiday, make a list of things you're grateful for. Maybe it's the fresh bagels in the office workroom or the way your dog licks your face to wake you up in the morning. Or maybe it's that friend who always calls you after a date to see how things went. Write it out. You'll be shocked at how rich and happy you really are when you see, on paper, all the great things you have in your life to look forward to.

Take a look at all the upcoming events we have below. Hopefully I'llsee some of you on Saturday at the softball game.



Jul 26 - Sangria & Salsa
Mariposa Studios
1803 West Byron 2nd Floor
Chicago , IL 60609

Come learn how to Salsa and enjoy sangria. Complimentary glass of sangria included in admission.

Beginners class. You don`t have to be an expert. Have fun, get a little excercise and make new friends. Dance is a great way to loosen up and interact with the group.


Girl's Night Out - Bachelorette Party - Birthday Party Coming Up?

Friend getting married? Co-worker leaving? Important birthday coming up? Plan a night out! Maybe do a Sex Ed Salon plus a Lapdance Class. Or a Makeover seminar or Mani/Pedi night. MoxieintheCity has amazing, professional instructors, estecticians, beauticians and sexuality instructors that can help you make it a night you'll never forget. SPECIAL - Book two classes for one private event and save 20% Packages Include - Sex Ed Salon - Lapdance/Striptease Classes - Makeovers - Mani/Pedi Nights - Spa Night

Plan a:
Private Lapdance/Striptease/Pole Dance Class
Private Fellatio Workshop
Private Art of Seduction/How to Seduce Your Man Class
Private Mani/Pedi Night
Private Makeover session
Private Facials for You & Your Friends
Cocktails Included if You choose
Gift Bags Included in select packages
All for $30-$60 per person - The more people you have, the less you pay!

Read on...

Time for a Little Gratitude
I had a nice long talk with my Dad today. I hadn't mentioned this before but I was a little concerned about some pain in between my heart and my stomach and, given my Dad's aortic aneurysm, had to get some stuff checked out. There's a slight problem, but it's manageable. Basically my acid reflux problem has worsened but it can be fixed. Not what I thoguht it was, thank god. I hadn't told my Dad about it because he really didn't need anything else to worry about. When I finally told him today that I was worried about having an ulcer and got things checked and was okay, I just broke down. Everything that had been building up for two months just flooded out.

So...what am I grateful for? READ THE POST & COMMENT:

Name: CatLady | Location: Raleigh , NC |Question: Dear Moxie:
I met a great guy online and we've been chatting and flirting for a few weeks now via e mail and IM. Since we live some distance apart, we're planning on meeting face to face as soon as our respective work schedules can handle it. We are both in our mid 40s, he's been married and divorced and has young kids from his marriage, I've never been married and have no kids. He told me he's scared to death of being in another unhappy long term relationship, (he was married for 10 years and has been divorced for about a year), but that he does have feelings for me, yet he wants to take things slowly. He also said that while he's uncertain about a LTR at this point, he thinks I'm special and says we'll always be friends, and I believe him, as he has always treated me with respect and kindness even when I blew up at him a few days ago over nothing......READ THE POST & COMMENT

The Fountain of Youth is a Bottomles Well
Name: Kim | Location: New York , New York |Question: I recently started online dating and answered an ad from a guy this previous monday. His posting stated that he was looking for a girlfriend. We emailed each other a few times every day for a few days. Very witty, literate, bantering type of emails - but nothing heavy and nothing about previous relationships. Then on wednesday he suggested meeting for drinks at a local neighborhood bar the following night (thursday). So we met up and I had a wonderful time with him. After the initial few moments of small talk we both loosened up and then couldn't stop talking. Now in his personal ad he mentioned he was 27 and when I replied to it I mentioned that I was 30-something. Now I have to admit that I have a very youthful face (good genes) and that I am always carded by bouncers and store clerks. READ THE POST & COMMENT

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