GNO membership guidelines

Member Profiles - A profile picture is very helpful because it allows the group members to recognize each other when we meet at the different locations and it is another way of becoming acquainted. However, that said, I have yet to get a photo of myself posted with my profile, so I understand if you don't have a recent photo of yourself that you like enough to post. While a photo of yourself is the most helpful, please feel free to choose any photo that will tell us a little something about yourself. Photos also help me and other members in remembering names and other details about you, our new friend. (If you aren't computer savvy and you need some help adding a photo to your profile, let me or one of the other organizers know and we'll be happy to help you.)

In addition to posting a photo to your member profile, please take a minute to post a brief introduction - this is a rather strong suggestion, bordering on being a requirement. The most helpful piece of information to include is your first name, including your name is particularly helpful if your profile tag is something unusual like "Elmer's Mom". Other members sometimes include other demographics such as age, marital and or parental status as well. You would be amazed at how much it helps me to remember names at events when there is a little something about you in your introduction.

As for the other questions - why you joined, your hobbies & interests, those questions are totally optional. I enjoy learning as much as possible about each member when I read her profile, but I know it can be weird to try to fill out the questions like you're being interviewed to be a new friend, so I understand if you're not in the mood to answer them.

Attending Events - I realize that it's impossible to participate in every event, and there is absolutely no expectation that you attend events to maintain your membership. The number of events attended by members are NOT tracked in any way by myself or other organizers. However, the meetup site does allow organizers to tell how recently a member has visited our meetup website. Because this group is about getting out, having fun and forming new friendships, if you haven't logged on to the group website for over two months you'll be considered an "INACTIVE MEMBER" and you may be removed from the group.

Probably the easiest way to be sure that you don't become an inactive member is to take moment to click on the event details link in new event announcements. However, I admit that I do not follow this policy in all of my meetup groups because I get so many event announcements. I really want this group to be welcoming and all-inclusive, therefore, inactive members will not be unceremoniously dropped from the group. Instead, a couple times a year I'll send out a notice to let our inactive members know that we'd love to see them at an event or get their input on how to make the group work for them. Those who don't log on within a couple weeks of the inactivity notice may then be removed from the group, with a standing invitation to rejoin at any time.

I think it bears repeating: RSVPs are NOT required and attendance is NOT required to maintain membership - you only need to pop onto the website at least once every two months to avoid being considered an inactive member.

Message boards - This is a great communication tool. Please stop by and check it out when you sign in to your account. It is the best way to communicate with out filling up everyone's email account. Post a message; say hello; ask advice - whatever you want.

Solicitation - This is a Social Meetup, not a business networking Meetup. Please do not overtly use the Meetup events, message boards or group e-mail list to promote your home based or other business or you will face permanent removal from the group.

Membership Dues - During the inaugural year for the Girls Night Out meetup group, the membership fee was a suggested donation, however, very few members offered to make a donation. During the second year, the organizers covered the cost of hosting the site. Beginning August 1, 2008, members will be required to pay a $6 annual membership fee.

Our annual group membership fee goes to cover the costs of maintaining a group website on (as of February 2008, the fee is $12 per month when paid 6 months at a time). The annual membership fee of $6 per person (due August 1st of each year) is pro-rated for new members. New members will have 2 months from the date they joined the group to pay their fee. The fee may be paid by check (mailed to the organizer), cash (at an event hosted by Lori) or by PayPal (sorry, no credit cards accepted). Any extra funds beyond those needed to pay for the meetup site will be used to purchase supplies for events such as member hosted BBQs.

Resolution of Complaints or Concerns - Your organizer(s) and assistant organizers value your feedback, even if the feedback is not a glowing review of the organization of a recent event or some other issue. We would like to ask that before sending out group e-mails (or starting message board discussions) that are critical in nature, that you first contact one or more of the (assistant) organizers to see if the issue can be favorably resolved without creating a public airing of grievances that might make members feel uncomfortable in the group. You do not have to contact the individual who organized the event in question. If you would prefer, you are welcome to contact the other (assistant) organizers so that the organizers can decide together as a group how to resolve the issue.

ANYONE can suggest an event. If you want to go hang-gliding or go sing karaoke?super! E-mail one of our organizers or start a discussion on the message board and if there's interest we'll add it to the event list. We're always looking for new ideas and suggestions - so bring them on girls. You can take a look at our past events list to get an idea of the variety of events that we've held in the past.

Ideally, I would like to see our group's events as varied as the interests of the women in this group, however, to get the most enjoyment out of the group, our organizers plan events that fit their interests and schedules. If you have an interest or hobby that you think would make a great event, feel free to suggest it to our organizers; contact our members by starting a discussion on the message boards or use the group e-mail feature to see if you can find some like minded women; or consider taking on the role of assistant organizer.

Having many assistant organizers makes it easier to keep the calendar full of events and it usually increases the diversity of the types of events being offered too. I believe that being an organizer for the group is incredibly beneficial to YOU because the events that you plan will always fit your schedule. Not only that, but there will always be something that fits your interests and you're likely to meet other women with similar interests. This group is always in need of more assistant organizers. If you think you'd be interested, let me know.

Sometimes your schedule just won't allow you to attend many of our fun events, so please, if you're in need of some socialization but can't make an official event, send out an email to the group, and see if anyone would like to join you for for some fun whether it be planned with quite a bit of advanced notice or it's a spur-of-the-moment itch that needs to be scratched. You can also use the message boards for this purpose.

Please NOTE: Events the feature member businesses are not allowed. There are simply too many members with "party" consultant and other businesses. Because too many "party" direct sales events could make our members feel that this group was set-up to "trick" them into thinking they were signing up for a social group only to be frequent targets of direct sales marketing, I have chosen to allow only one or two "expo" style parties each year (see message boards). While some member businesses might be interesting to the group (e.g. paint your own pottery, etc.), it's not fair for us to allow one type of business to promote themselves while denying others the opportunity.

I really appreciate it when people RSVP for events, regardless of whether your answer is yes, no or maybe. RSVP information is used to prepare the event and to gage interest. This is particularly true when you add comments to your "no" RSVP. Your comments might indicate that this is an event that you'd love to see repeated because you can't attend on the scheduled date or your comments might let organizers know that while the event sounds fun, it just isn't your thing. These sorts of comments can be very helpful for planning future events.

While it's not required, it is greatly appreciated when you take the time to update your maybe RSVP to yes or no when the event is only a day or two away. Of course, our organizers understand that there may be times when you truly won't know if you can attend until a few hours before the event. We'll let members know in our event description if we truly must have a firm yes or no answer.

If you sign-up as a "Yes", please follow through and show up. I don't want to make everyone else stand around waiting for someone that's not going to show. Sometimes last minute emergencies do happen?and I understand this fully, but please don't leave the group wondering where you are. Whenever reasonably possible, I ask that you please call the event organizer (when a cell number has been provided) if you find at the last minute you will not be able to attend an event. We promise not to yell at you! That way, we won't be waiting for you to show up. Repeated no-shows (without a call or an e-mail) could result in loss of membership.

From time to time, it may be necessary to cancel an event with only a few hours notice. Although our organizers try to avoid doing this, weather happens and even organizers have the occasional unavoidable illness or emergency arise.

As a general rule of thumb, our organizers are encouraged to include decision details for "weather dependent" events that will allow members to know without logging on, if an event is likely canceled due to weather factors (e.g. "This event will be rescheduled if the chance of rain is greater than 50%" or "This event will not be held if there is a winter storm warning in effect the day of the event"). However, our organizers reserve the right to cancel an event at any time to protect the safety of our members.

We will post any cancellations to the group website no later than 2 hours before a scheduled event. The posting will be followed up with an e-mail to all who have RSVP'd yes or maybe. If you do not have access to the internet on the day of an event and you would like to be notified of any last minute cancellations, please feel free to e-mail the event organizer at the time of the RSVP to let her know that you will be unable to access the internet and to provide her with an alternate way of contact you.

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