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From: Patricia B.
Sent on: Saturday, April 13, 2013 6:30 PM

My inspiration for writing this book was to explain how "healthy" is the new slim, and why it is important to tune up your body for health in order to burn fat for energy, finally get the weight off, and stay slender for life.
Find out how the ancient practice of yoga can help you look and feel good by stepping up your metabolism, adding muscle, eliminating toxins and unwanted fat. Learn the poses that will shed pounds while toning up the the organs and glands that make you a lean, serene, fat-burning machine. You'll relax better, become focused, strong and energized.
Diets alone never work for lasting weight loss, and repeated dieting causes metabolic and psychological damage. Let's face it, no one likes to diet, you simply need to outsmart your metabolism to lose weight and keep it off. Find out the secrets of how to coax your body into using up its fat stores for energy, not saving them as extra flab on your hips.
Includes motivational tips to keep you "on the mat," and how important proper breathing is to achieving the healthy, lithe, and sexy body you've always wanted.
Get started now, be bikini-ready in a few short months. No yoga experience necessary, you can dive in at any level with these 15 easy poses. Illustrated.
And best of all, you can download this best-selling ebook free on April 18 + 19 from Amazon for your Kindle. No Kindle? No problem. You can download the Kindle reading app for Mac, PC, iPad or other mobile device right there on the Easy Weight Loss Yoga page! Please share this link with your friends, on Facebook or Twitter, and invite them to download this book free.
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Patricia Bacall is an internationally acknowledged wellness advocate and has been teaching various aspects of health and emotional healing since 1980. She has trained in yoga, massage, nutrition, and Vivation breathwork. She is the author of Loving Yourself Thin, the Vivation Breathwork method for achieving your ideal body without dieting or deprivation, and The New Weight Loss Blueprint, available on, and at
 A yogi for more than 30 years, she believes that yoga enhances every aspect of life and can work with any other type of exercise program to maintain youth and enhance longevity. She follows the eight limbs of yoga, including the various ethical guidelines of nonviolence and truthfulness. Patricia lives in Los Angeles with her husband Michael Garver.
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