Philadelphia, PA

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July 24, 2013

What is your favorite writing saying?

'kill your darlings' i find it necessary

What is your favorite book on writing?

On writing 'stephen king'

What do you write?

-mostly poetry and short stories,some fanfiction too.i am working a novel (series)

What do you read?

-lately,I've found myself reading a lot of fanfiction .last good book i read was'fledgling',by octavia butler. -i'm not really picky on genres ,as i read anything but romance,really because i haven' found any good ones.alot of them seem lust driven; that's what erotica's for. i've also read some urban fiction (i'm black,so that's a given) ,though i don't like many of them (favorite writer in terms of style are sister souljah ). i really like the idea of urban fantasy,but besides digging into a few of 'the dresden files' novels ,i tend to stay away (i haven't read them all because of lack of funds/unable to locate them). i am a manga reader too,really because its free online,and i read web novels for the same reason. i need to go dig into the book market of 2013 ,as most of my reads are somewhat dated.

Tell me something else about yourself, please?

i joined this group because i would like to meet other people with this interest ,as it is hard to talk to non-writers about writing. i have had a problem with my work recently,I had run into a standstill.with no one to read my manuscript(i know a shit load of non-readers either because it bores them or because of low literacy levels) ,i had become insecure and been stuck on one (four?) novel(s) . also,i admit to not being overly social (its my upbringing.was kept under lock and key all my life.it's hard to get out of the habit,really hard). i'm also somewhat introverted.feel as though i should warn people that i'm not silent because of snobbery or actual shyness.i'm just not much of a talker all the time. i'm also kinda unexperienced at this writing thing .no won contests or anything,just near perfect scores on college papers and a small following for my fanfiction.and no,i'm not dumb enough to think it means anything. my hobbies are video games,reading,writing,drawing (hardly)


i'm a 21 yr old college student ,aspiring to be a writer.i am,however, a realist.i don't expect to be able to live off my writing (i would love to ,but what are the chances?). ideally i would like a career that involves writing,but i'm not idealistic

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