Publisher's Lunch

From: AmyAmy
Sent on: Tuesday, March 20, 2012 1:56 PM
Publisher's Lunch Hi Writers!

Sunday’s Publishing event went very well.  Thank you to all who came, especially the speakers, who did an excellent job.  People have been asking for notes... once I verify that my references are absolutely correct, I will send to the group.

I would like to have 2, 3, 4... maybe even 5 of us meet for a
casual and friendly lunch in Raleigh on Friday, March 30 at 1:00 to discuss our publishing experiences.  Where we go depends on location of those who respond.  I don’t care where.  Prerequisite:  You have to have published one
(or more) books in the past.  Ideas of what to discuss during our lunch are listed below.  If interested, email me.

I am lining up speakers for future publishing events:

APRIL 15 (Sunday), 2:30: Lulu vs. CreateSpace vs. Smashwords vs. LightningSource, etc.
                                             Lions and Tigers and Bears, oh my!

(not that you folks are dummies, mind you!)
                                   This will give CONCRETE step-by-step ideas
                                    on how to market our books in a clear and
                                    specific way we can understand.

I am doing the paperwork to reserve a room at the Cameron Village Library for the two events listed above.  I can’t officially post until I do so.   NO SHOWS from last Sunday’s event will be put on a Waiting List if the event fills up, since some of you were bad boys and girls (there was a waiting list for last Sunday’s event).  This doesn’t count those who emailed later apologizing because they got the time wrong (I did that once, so I understand).

I have tentative speakers lined up, but it’s only tentative at this point.  If interested/qualified in one of the above two topics, please contact me.

How many ISBN’s should you purchase?
How do you not let a publishing company own you?
How do you market  your book without seeming like a pushy pest?  Or are we supposed to be pushy pests?
How many copies of your books did you initially print?  Only per demand?, or more?
What if 6 people ask you to write a Customer Review, but you don’t have time to read 6 books?
Let’s discuss BARCODES because I’m a bit confused on something
What if you want to change your Book Cover a year later?
Okay now, I’ve heard conflicting info... what does COPYRIGHT and ISBN actually protect??
Hard or soft cover?  Pros and cons...
Blog or website or both?
How do we eliminate the header from the chapter page alone?
Is it wise to disagree with your Editor on some stuff?
(even if they’re a terrific editor)
Do you write once a day, every day, at the same time... or when the mood strikes?
How do you handle when you reach a “stuck point” in your writing?  Hate that!
5.5 x 8.5,  or  6x9?  Pros and cons.
How do you say goodbye to your characters when it’s just so gosh darn sad ??

I believe Raleigh holds some of the best American writers of today, and I’d like to think of Raleigh as the Capital of American writers!  I’m spreading the word...


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