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One short story from my book

rich text file 2K Sandra M. Apr 29, 2015

Exquisite Corpse with Consequences

Description of Exquisite Corpse and Consequences group exercises.

Adobe Acrobat file 13K Rodger F. Feb 26, 2015

Stories from Consequences exercise

These are the "stories" which resulted from our Consequences exercise at our anniversary celebration. See the Exquisite Corpse and Consequences file for a description of that this exercise involved.

Adobe Acrobat file 45K Rodger F. Feb 26, 2015

Guidelines and Credo

This document describes our group's guidelines (e.g. format and length of files) and provides a one-page credo which we follow in providing writing critiques.

Adobe Acrobat file 47K Rodger F. Aug 23, 2014

Similes and Metaphors

Meetup writing exercise: similes and metaphors

Adobe Acrobat file 18K Rodger F. Sep 24, 2008


Stressors and scene disasters.

Excel spreadsheet 19K Rodger F. Jul 14, 2008

Genre Discussion

Strawman document for discussion about fiction genres

Word file 168K Rodger F. Jun 15, 2008

Showing versus Telling

Excerpts from two excellent books on the topic of showing vs. telling in both fiction and nonfiction. The books are: Self-Editing for Fiction Writers by Renni Browne and Dave King, and Make Your Words Work by Gary Provost

Adobe Acrobat file 18K Rodger F. Mar 30, 2008

Third Person POV - Deep Penetration

1-page tip sheet on Third Person Point of View - Deep Penetration

Adobe Acrobat file 447K Rodger F. Mar 28, 2008

Third Person POV - Light Penetration

1 page tip sheet on Third Person Point of View - Light Penetration

Adobe Acrobat file 446K Rodger F. Mar 28, 2008

First Person Point Of View

1-page tip sheet on First Person Point of View.

Adobe Acrobat file 408K Rodger F. Mar 28, 2008

Omniscient Point of View

1-page tip sheet re: the Omniscient Point of View

Adobe Acrobat file 450K Rodger F. Mar 28, 2008

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