Re: [yoga-398] Any ideas for the Yog Meetup?

From: Annette
Sent on: Monday, May 21, 2007 2:40 PM
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Here's the orig. email...
You can see that the people who are reaching out to places like meetup are most likely introverts.  If they were extroverts, chances are that they are already out doing yoga or they attended your meetup.

Miguel, you have the power to really make this group something! To share your talents with those who need a little encouragement, now that's something.

It's one thing to be an owner/involved in the Funky Buddha Lounge/Butterfly Social Club. It's completely another to promote health and wellness among an internet group who are most likely, well, LESS social.
Wow.....I don't know who you are [address removed] & I don't know how well you know Miguel or what it's like to organize a meetup.  I don't know Miguel very well, but from what I've experienced, he's a lovely gentle soul who's willing to give of himself in all his endeavors. 
I'm the assistant organizer for the Chicago Energy Healers meetup & that group has been in existance since '94 before we heard about meetup.  We made our Healing Circle a meetup in order to share this with an even larger group of like minded peoples.  While the yoga meetup has 241 members, we have 144.  It seems like the only people who rsvp yes are Andrew & myself (he's the organizer) but we end up with anywhere between 8-12 people.  We don't expect people to show who rsvp.  It's just seems to be the nature.  We're going to hold our circle regardless of how many people rsvp yes, no, whatever, maybe etc.  It would be great to hold people accountable & my life, I do for myself & others but in this case for the meetup, I just let it go.
I went to Butterfly last week for the meetup social.  I was hoping to meet other meetup members but I think I was the only one from meetup who showed up.  I've only taken 3 yoga classes in my life (this past meetup being my 3rd-what a fabulous class!) & having a venue to be able to ask questions is invaluable to me especially from people such as Miguel who teach.  A social setting is wonderful as well & supporting a green establishment such as Butterfly is a plus in my book.  To be in a smokeless enviroment that has all organic offerings with great energy makes me a happy camper.  I'm grateful to Mark (owner) to have created Butterfly.  As for Miguel's work on Butterfly, it's beautiful!  I'd rather be there than at a Panera where some groups meet.
Miguel, I think I told you that having the no-shows after the 'yes' rsvp's is just the nature of the beast.  You're doing a wonderful thing & you're feeling like your heart & soul are getting tromped on.  Again, I understand.  It sucks.  If I may humbly suggest just letting that go & allow this meetup to be what it is.  I'm so glad I was able to attend & want to attend as many as I can.
As for dates & times, not everyone's wants/needs are going to be met.  Someone mentioned early morning.  Sometimes I get off work at 10pm.  Early morning doesn't work for me.  I work almost every weekend.  I have the Healer's meetup on Tues.....I just figure that if I can make a meetup, I will. 
I'll support you in whatever you decide to do Miguel.  I have to admit, I'd be sad if you stepped down-I truly hope you don't.  Just take care of you.

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