Re: [yoga-398] Any ideas for the Yog Meetup?

Sent on: Monday, May 21, 2007 4:26 PM
Namaste !
FOr me the commute was the dampener - but I dont want to see this group die..I organize a ethnice Tamil Meet Up and know how frustrating it is......I promise I will attend atleast one or 2 meet ups a month soon.
Also Let me know if you have any other specific help that you need

On 5/21/07, Miguel Elliott <[address removed]> wrote:

A special announcement from Miguel Elliott, Organizer of The Chicago Yoga Meetup Group

Greetings Yoga Meetup,
I sent an e mail last week announcing that I wanted to step down as organizer, due to the lack of attendance we have been getting at our meetups. I asked for somebody else to step forward as the organzer, because I do want this group to continue. Nobody else has stepped forward. If I do continue as organizer, I would appreciate some people to step forward as assistant organizers, and to help with our meetings, so I dont feel like I am doing it all alone. I would like others to contribute I want to open up ideas on what our meetups should consist of, because I am tired of having lots of people RSVP yes to our meetups, and just not show up. Why does this hapen??? What do you want? Why did you join the meetup, if you are not going to come to any of them? Is it just the nights we meet dont work for you? What night would you prefer to meet? Would you prefer to meet at another location? I dont want to organizer another meetup unless I know we will get a good turnout. Maybe we should meet outside down by the lake. Maybe we can meet at the Butterfly Social Club nightclub I built. I dont want to abandon this group, but I want to feel like it is worth the time, money and effort I put in as organizer.
If I dont get any resonses to this, I will officially step down as organizer next week.
Now is the time to take action,
Miguel Eliott, Organizer

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