What chakra is the best to put more time and energy into?

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What chakra is the best to put more time and energy into?




JULY 20-22, 2012





AUG 10-12


This retreat will be held at Zorba Studio


OCT 19-21, 2012



Ma Yog Neelam has been associated with Osho since 1969 and has been Osho's personal secretary from 1985 onwards. She nurtures Osho Nisarga, a Osho Commune in the Himalayas.

Swami Anand Milarepa was initiated into Sannyas by Osho in 1978. The music of Milarepa and One Skyprovides a supportive, healing ambience which allows the mysteries of the inner world to unfold and manifest gracefully. Meditation is life's ultimate luxury.



July 13-15, 2012

Starlight Transomatic Meditation Weekend with Devageet in AUSTIN, TX

Swami Devageet discovered his spiritual master, Osho in 1976. He spent the next 23 years with Osho in the largest spiritual meditation and therapy community in the world: The Osho International Commune, Poona, India .

Devageet had twelve years of direct personal contact with Osho, in his role as Osho's personal dental surgeon. He also was given many other diverse forms of work in the commune. Devageet lived in Osho's house for seven years.

A few weeks prior to his death Osho personally gave Devageet the guidance that has shaped his life since then. Osho's guidance forms the basis of the many aspects of healing and therapy used by Devageet.For more information please visit Devageet's website

Weekend Workshop: Cost: $330
If you register by May 31, Osho Kaifi will pay $30 towards the cost
Jul 13 7:30 pm - 10:00 pm
Jul 14 7:00 am - 8:00 pm
Jul 15 7:00 am - 4:00 pm

Place: Osho Kaifi Meditation Center
3902 Rockledge Dr
Austin, Tx 78731

Call[masked] _________________________________________________________________________________________________




Description: The third eye

The third eye (also known as the inner eye) is a mystical and esoteric concept referring in part to the ajna (brow) chakra in certain spiritual traditions. It is also spoken of as the gate that leads within to inner realms and spaces of higher consciousness.


9:15 AM – 10:00 AM: Introduction to the beginners & Osho Video for the regular members.

10:00 AM – 11:00 AM: Mandala Meditation.

11: 00AM - 11:20 AM: Break.

11:20 AM – 12:20 PM: THE ART OF BALANCE.

12:20 PM – 12:30 PM: Gaurishankar - The third eye Meditation.

New participants must attend the 45 minute introduction class that starts at 9:15 AM.


We are a donations based group, no one will ask you for the payment. Please contribute any amount between $10-$20 in the box at front.

You can also choose to become to monthly member at $55/month.


Click here to RSVP.




Time: 6: 30 PM - 9 PM

Osho’s work has touched deepest core of problems of our society and individuals. At Zorba Studio, we share his work to heal your day to day offbeat emotions towards love, relationships, stress, and health and help rejuvenate you into a happy, peaceful and centered being.

You are a couple or a single looking for a relationship, this workshop will introduce you to the new space that will help you grow & deepen your relationship not only with your partner but with everyone including your children, co-workers, boss, clients.

Singles will find deep insights to what to look for when it come to find true love in life.

Come prepared for lots of fun & activities. Couples!! Bring your partner along with you. You will love it.

The workshop will start at 6.30 PM to go until 9:00 PM.

Click to RSVP and for more details


Description: http://zorbastudio.com/ads/2012/images/swarunjul2012.jpg

July 20-22



This is a great opportunity to explore true dimensions in life, the reason we are born for, to know ourselves, in the guidance and energy of beloved Bodhisattva Swami Arun.

Swami Arun is worldwide popular disciple of Osho and contributing to transforming lives, helping people find abundance and joy in life. It’s an opportunity not to miss.

Swami Arun is an early and beloved disciple of Osho. He has been conducting Osho Meditation Camps for 35 years. In 1990 he founded Osho Tapoban, a large flourishing Osho Commune in Nepal. For more info. visit www.tapoban.com.

In 1986, Osho appointed Swami Arun Director of Meditation and Spiritual Growth of the Rajneesh Mystery School. Swami Arun now travels to America, Canada, Italy, Germany, France, Russia, Ukraine and India, leading meditation camps. In these meditation camps he has initiated more than 65,000 sannyasins from 30 different countries. Swami Arun travels the world, sharing the bliss of meditation and the blessings of Osho.

To experience a retreat with Swami Arun is a precious gift you give yourself. The deep values and benefits received will last all your life. Many people travel to Nepal and India for this kind of energy and transformation.

There will be an opportunity to take Sannyas for those who are interested.

We look forward to sharing this beautiful time together & invite you to come, join this caravan of meditation, love, laughter, and celebration!

Space is limited. When the retreat is full, names will be accepted for the waiting list.



10 AM - 6 PM: A day of Meditation with Swami Anand Arun



07:00 AM - 9:00 PM- Meditations, Joy, Laughter and Sannays Celebration with Swami Anand Arun


07:00 AM - 6:00 PM- Art of Ecstasy - with Swami Anand Arun



Three Days - $200/person including meals
One Day $125/person including meals


Three Days - $350/Couple including meals
One Day - $200/Couple including meals


Local Participants: Book before Jun 30 and get 10% discount

Out of town participants who are taking flight to come to retreat: $150 per person including meals(Other discounts cannot be combined)

(There is no two days participation option available this time)

*Couple: Married or a boyfriend and girlfriend living together are good example. Two friends coming to the retreat cannot be treated as couple.

Click here to pay-(This will take you to our website - scroll down to find the pay button).Make Sure to check accommodation details below before booking.

Retreat Place

Hidden Cove Park on Lake Lewisville

Description: Hidden Cove

20400 Hackberry Creek Park Rd.
The Colony, TX 75034

ACCOMMODATION ( at Comfort Suits, nearby hotel)

Option 1- Bring your sleep bag and sleep in the meditation hall at the lake - FREE

Option 2-Shared Accommodation - Four persons in one room of two queen beds and bed couch-Add $25 per person per night

Shared Accommodation will be provided in the Comfort Suites hotel, a nearby hotel. Four persons will be sharing one room. There will be two queen beds in one room. If you are coming alone, we will arrange your accommodation based on gender. In case you don’t feel comfortable sharing your queen bed, we may provide you a separate air mattress that you can lay on side, rooms are large enough to have two air mattresses on the side and couches in the room can also be converted into a bed. There is enough space for four people in a room.

Option 3-Shared Accommodation - One queen size bed per persons - Add $50 per night per person

We can make arrangement for those individuals who prefer have their own bed; please add $50/night to your retreat cost.

Option 4-Individual Accommodation - Add $100 per night per person

If you prefer an individual room, please add $100/night to the retreat cost or call the hotel directly at[masked] to book your room.

Hotel Address: 4796 Memorial Drive, The Colony, TX, US, 75056



There are many hotels around within 15 to 20 minute drive. Please click on the following link to find the price and location:
Click here to find Nearby Hotels


* Vegetarian Meals will be provided that may include eggs and dairy.

Click here to pay-(This will take you to our website - scroll down to find the pay button).


Park charges $5 per day per vehicle entry.

For Further queries, please send us an email at [address removed] or [address removed]. Or Visit us at www.zorbastudio.com or Call[masked]

Last year, more than 80 friends participated

Here a few reviews:

Thank you, Swami Arun, for sharing your beautiful energy with us here in Texas. It truly is a gift that lasts a lifetime.

Description: Pratima


I absolutely loved all the meditations that I went to, and OF COURSE taking sannyas is an amazing experience! It was also amazing to me that my sannyas name, Ma Prem Sagra ("Ocean of Love"), reflects my lifelong love of the ocean and affinity with water...and the vibration of love!

Description: Samara


My heart is humming in sweet, sweet bliss. Aaahhh This! ~ Ma Govind Prateeksha

Description: Prateeksha


I was confused about many things in life. This retreat gave me a chance to rediscover and heal my being. It felt like the beginning of liberation from suffering!

Description: Sandip


Feeling a really virulent flare up of especially dirty I-ness, the spirit in me sought total relief at the feet of Osho’s most beloved disciple, Swami Anand Arun.

Thank God for Swami Arun, a radiantly alive being who heals the room with his presence. He is the most ardent Osho lover, and his passion never waivers for even a moment. Swami Arun is so madly in love with Osho that everyone wants to jump in the water with him. He speaks for hours with overflowing love and admiration for the Master. Beloved Osho is very much present through him.

Swami Arun opened the three-day event by saying that there are no maps for the spiritual life, and that we journey through uncharted territory under an infinite sky. Indeed we are blessed to know Osho, to be sannyasins, and to have the guidance of Swami Arun who always gently offers truth. The group of 84 participants, with thirteen new sannyasins, was captivated by Arun’s joy in sharing ..Click here to read the full review..

Description: http://photos2.meetupstatic.com/photos/member/b/f/e/2/thumb_9049122.jpeg

-Prem Geet

A truly wonderful retreat! Swami G. Was a rare privilege and a joy to experience. That retreat was put together with such love and and your heart permeated every aspect of it! The sentiment was extended to everyone.


Osho is Sinless Joy, Peace that passes all understanding, Energy that comes from Being. Osho is found where two or more are gathered together. All is Bliss, Joy, Joy, Joy,In Love, with you,


Thank you for organizing this camp. Everything was wonderful. You could not have selected a better place for this. The location (B&B) is so much conducive to to the meditation. The living quarters and food were homely too. I felt like in an extended family. You were all very patient and loving. Even though it is my first time attending such a camp, everyone in the camp made me feel at ease.


My gratitude can't be expressed in words for organizing such a wonderful camp. Every minute of our stay was filled with love and laughter. It is my first time to see a group of people with so much compassion.


Will be back next years..

Description: Steve


Pictures and Video of Last Retreat in April 2012

Description: April 2012 Group Pic

Click here to see pictures

Description: April 2012 Video

Click here to see video

Pictures and Videos of last year's retreat with Swami Arun

Description: Osho Dallas Retreat 2011

Click on the image to see Pictures

Description: Sannyas Video

Click on the video image above to watch sannyas video

Click below to read more reviews, see pictures and Videos of past Osho retreats with Swami Arun

Carnival Retreat Reviews March 2011 and Carnival 2011 Retreat Video 1 and Carnival 2011 Retreat Video 2

Pictures of Osho retreats with Swami Arun at Zorba Studio- June 2009 - Feb 2010 - July 2010

Videos of Osho retreats with Swami Arun at Zorba Studio - June 2009 and July 2010 and Click here for more Videos

Photos of Retreat Place at Hidden Cove Park on Lake Lewisville

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Description: http://zorbastudio.com/ads/Zorba2011/milarepa_keerti/JPEG/hcove2.jpg

Organized by:
Zorba Studio, Osho Dallas Meditation Center

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What chakra is the best to put more time and energy into?

Description: Osho


Think more about love, about the heart. We call that chakra 'anahata' in yoga psychology.
There are seven chakras, and the anahata is just in the middle; three below it, three above it. The three below are muladhar, swadhisthan and manipur. Those three belong to an extrovert personality. In the west, the majority lives through those three chakras. And now in the east also, the majority is moving towards the western attitude of life. These three chakras are very easily available. They have a certain given function; you need not work much on them.
Without them, life will become impossible. They are survival measures, so nature has not given you a choice between them. From the moment you are born, those three chakras start functioning. They go on functioning until you die. The whole life is covered by those three chakras, and the extrovert person never comes to know that there is anything higher than these. Sex, money, power, prestige, respectability, name, fame -- they all belong to those three chakras.
And the center of all those chakras is sex. People seek money in order to seek sex. People seek fame and power and prestige in order to seek sex. Sex remains the center of the lower three chakras. Sex remains the center of the extrovert personality. His whole mind revolves around sex.
Above the anahata, the heart, there are three chakras: visudha, the fourth center, then ajna, between the two eyes, the third eye center, and sahasrar, the last center, the center of samadhi, of ultimate unfoldment.
Between these two is the heart. Between the introvert and the extrovert, the heart functions as a door, it is a bridge. Just as sex is the center of the extrovert mind, prayer -- or call it meditation -- is the center of the introvert mind. But to call it prayer is more relevant. Between these two -- when a person is just in the middle, on the fourth chakra, at the door -- love happens. Love is between sex and prayer.
When sex is a little purified, it becomes love. When love is also purified, it becomes prayer. So it is the same energy, the sexual energy, which goes into higher formations. In the east people have tried to live an introvert life; they have tried to live above the heart. But both are lopsided. The western extrovert mind and the eastern introvert mind are both lopsided.
To become a total man, one needs the functioning of all seven. It is not a question of choice. It is a question of being capable of living in all the centers without any conflict. There is none -- we create the conflict.
A person can become an extrovert and can become an introvert very easily -- just as you go out of your house and you come in. But whether you go out or you come in, you will have to pass from the door, and that door is anahata. So my emphasis is always on the anahata, the heart center, because that is the door and both the dimensions meet there.
If somebody tries to live just below the heart center, he closes the door. Then he becomes very worldly. He cannot even think that god exists. He cannot even think that religion can mean anything. It is all nonsense, rubbish. He does not even believe in love. He thinks love is just a bait for sex, just a foreplay for sex. Just not to be rude one has to at least pretend love. But the basic thing remains sex. He does not believe in love, he cannot believe in love, because he does not know what love is. He has never functioned at that center. He has never stood on the door between the two worlds.
The introvert person also becomes very lopsided. He also closes the door of the heart because he becomes afraid. From that door opens the world. So he goes on denying. He becomes a renunciate, a monk, anti-life, condemnatory, repressive, afraid -- continuously afraid of relationship, of moving with people, of creating any sort of love, because who knows? -- love may bring in sex. Once you open the door of love, then the whole three chakras become available -- the chakras of the below.
It is better not to open the doors so you can forget all about the lower world. Then one remains just inside -- but one's life becomes a morbidity. One becomes like an island -- cut off from everything . . . a dry bone. No juice remains. The very shape of life disappears, because if you don't love, life starts disappearing.
Life exists when you love. Love becomes the very foundation for life to exist. It can have its foothold there.
The introvert becomes more and more sad -- silent of course, but not happy. The extrovert is very excited; the introvert is never excited. He remains calm and quiet, but calmness and quietitude are not the goals of life. Ecstasy is the goal of life. Just to be calm and quiet can mean death, can mean suicide. You can dry up all the sources of life in you. You will become calm and quiet, all the fever gone, all the passion gone, all the lust gone -- but then you are also gone. You are just an empty room, a negativity, a sort of absence, not a presence. You are not fulfilled. You cannot dance -- you have nothing to dance about. You cannot sing. No song arises in your life because all songs dry up when love dries up.
The extrovert seems sometimes to be very happy... is more happy than the introvert, but never silent. More joyful -- it is a joy to be with an extrovert. You cannot live with an introvert long; that's why saints are so boring. It is good to pay respect to them, but you cannot live with them for twenty-four hours; they are really boring. And just to think about heaven, where all the saints have gathered down the centuries... One cannot believe how boring that place must now have become. It will be sheer boredom.
You can be with an extrovert, happily; you can relate with him. He is an excited being. He sings, he plays around... many games. He enjoys. Of course he is tense. He is never silent; that is his problem. Happiness is at a cost -- that he loses tranquility, equilibrium, balance. His excitement becomes more and more feverish, and there is every possibility of it turning into a delirium. The extrovert can be mad at any time; the breakdown can come very easily to him. He is so excited and so tense. He has no center -- just the revolving periphery.
To me, a real man or a real woman has to live in all the seven chakras together. Then you have the tranquility of the introvert and the excitement of the extrovert. That's what a rich life has to be -- the silence of the introvert and the joy of the extrovert, the center of the introvert and the periphery of the extrovert.
A center without a periphery is poor. A periphery without a center is poor. When the periphery and the center both exist together and you don't choose -- you simply move from one to another enjoying both, not putting them as opposites to each other but balancing them as complementaries -- your life becomes tremendously rich.
That's what I call life abundant. Then you really live in luxury, because you have all that the extrovert can have and all that the introvert can have; you have both the worlds together. Yes, in this sense, you can have the cake and eat it too. Then you are very affirmative. You don't have any negations, any condemnations. Between samadhi and sex, between the muladhar, the first center, and the sahasrar, the seventh, the whole sky is available to you, and whatsoever you choose, you can be. And it is good to go on changing. Why get fixed to one center? Why not remain flexible, flowing, streaming like a river? Why become a pond? Why get stagnant and stale? Be dynamic.
That's why I insist on dynamic meditations. 'Meditation' and 'dynamic' are a contradiction in terms. That means I am trying to make a combination of the extrovert and the introvert. Meditation means passivity, meditation means just to be oneself. And dynamism means to do many things, to be active, to be flowing. Dynamic meditation is a contradiction in terms but it is only apparently so. It is possible to have both.
Osho then explains that it is good to live at the heart center, sometimes moving to the centers below and sometimes to those above. He says the terms 'higher' and 'lower' do not denote any moral evaluation, but are simply physiological descriptions. A person should be like a rainbow -- all the colors -- and not obsessed with just one. Because as you move into all the centers, you see that there is no contradiction in them and that the seven chakras are seven worlds.
OSHO: Dance Your Way to God (Darshan Dairy)


Zorba Studio offers blend of Art, Meditation and Yoga.

During the weekends, we facilitate meditations inspired by Enlightened master OSHO and Yoga.

During the weekdays Zorba Studio is a Beautiful Art Gallery.

also on the web: Check out www.newoilpaintings.com


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