Milarepa's Message-The Miracle

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Meditation, Dance & Fitness


OCT 19-21, 2012


Milarepa's Message-The Miracle

Description: Milarepa

Beloved Friends,

It is going on eighteen years since the first Bravo America Tour. It is not only a miracle the events continue to happen each year, but that each year is somehow more beautiful than the previous. Every year I think, “OK, this has to be the last time because how can things possibly get more beautiful?” And then in some mysterious way i think we all go on getting surprised -- again and again.

The purpose of my mail is something of a personal wish that this year our annual coming-together is a tribute to this miracle and an expression of gratefulness. For me the events are more than anything else about sharing the blessing of Osho. And by “Osho” I mean the qualities meditation, love, and silence go on gracing my life with. The key word is “sharing”. In sharing, the nourishment received in the event is, in my experience, returned exponentially. One could say a thousand-fold. So I want to encourage everyone this year to reach out.

Let’s share the blessing and all what the events mean to us. Let’s bring not only ourselves to the well, but our friends and others who may be still groping in the dark, thirsty and searching for exactly this kind of thing. It is so rare in the world to have such a taste of joy, happiness, love, and sense of connectedness, what happens in these few intensive days together -- what meditation and only meditation makes possible. So if you have friends you think would enjoy and be nourished by this kind of experience — invite them, bring them.

Let’s go for it. Because who knows what lies ahead? I am not the esoteric type, so all the prophetic talk about the Year 2012 doesn’t mean much to me. But I do feel a sense of urgency and wish to convey this.

I feel if all of us make a small, extra individual effort — especially the core group who comes every year — we can make these upcoming 2012 USA events something a little extra-special. In this way, we also support the organizers and those who accept the practical responsibility for the event. On behalf of the band and myself, we look forward to charting a course with you for the stars.

We are looking forward see you next month!
Love, Milarepa, Chandira, Arjun and Teerth

Description: Milarepa bandDescription:

Description: milarepa

Description: milarepaOCT 19-21, 2012



Milarepa does not need special introduction to the people who are connected to the enlightened master Osho.

Milarepa lived and worked in the Osho Commune International for more than ten years where he coordinated music with many world renowned musicians, singers and colleagues at that time. A few names are Miten, Deva Premal, Deuter, Prem Joshua and Chinmaya Dunster.

His music & workshops carries wonderful grace. His presence & depth in music has tremendous effect on those who are exploring the inner world.

Now he tours internationally every year facilitating events, giving concerts, and sharing a unique vision of meditation, music and celebration.

About his music, Milarepa says:
"My music reflects my understanding of meditation and love. The themes of the songs are universal and will be appreciated by all travelers on the path of truth and self-realization. We are on this beautiful planet to celebrate the great mystery of life - with our songs, our dances, our silences of the heart. As humanity moves into the twenty-first century, this could never be more relevant."


Description: Milerepa Music Sample Bar

Milarepa's is joining other great musicians, singers and longtime Osho Disciples

This year band include Milarepa, Chandira, Arjun and Teerth (See pictures below)

Description: arjunDescription: teerth

Click here to see last year's pictures, videos and reviews



10 AM - 6 PM: A day of Meditation with Milarepa

07:00 PM - 9:00 PM - MUSIC AND CELEBRATIONwith Milarepa and band


08:00 AM - 9:00 PM- Meditations, Joy, Laughter and Sannays Celebration with Milarepa and band


08:00 AM - 6:00 PM- Festival of Music and Meditation- with with Milarepa and band



Three Days - $200/person including meals
One Day $125/person including meals


Three Days - $350/Couple including meals
One Day - $200/Couple including meals


Local Participants: Book before Sep 30 and get 10% discount

Out of town participants who are taking flight to come to retreat: $150 per person including meals(Other discounts cannot be combined)

(There is no two days participation option available this time-You can join us for two days, but must pay the full cost)

*Couple: Married or a boyfriend and girlfriend living together are good example. Two friends coming to the retreat cannot be treated as couple.

Click here to pay-(This will take you to our website - scroll down to find the pay button).Make Sure to check accommodation details below before booking.

Retreat Place

Hidden Cove Park on Lake Lewisville

Description: Hidden Cove

20400 Hackberry Creek Park Rd.
The Colony, TX 75034


Option 1- Bring your sleep bag and sleep in the meditation hall at the lake - FREE

Option 2-Shared Accommodation at Comfort Suits, nearby hotel- One queen size bed per persons - Add $60 per night per person

Option 3-Individual Accommodation - Call the hotel directly at[masked] to book your room.

Hotel Address: 4796 Memorial Drive, The Colony, TX, US, 75056



There are many hotels around within 15 to 20 minute drive. Please click on the following link to find the price and location:
Click here to find Nearby Hotels


* Vegetarian Meals will be provided that may include eggs and dairy.

Click here to pay-(This will take you to our website - scroll down to find the pay button).


Park charges $10 per day per vehicle entry.

For Further queries, please send us an email at [address removed] or [address removed]. Or Visit us at or Call[masked]

Photos of Retreat Place at Hidden Cove Park on Lake Lewisville







Organized by:
Zorba Studio, Osho Dallas Meditation Center

Ph. [masked]






Meditation, Dance & Fitness

Time: 9:15 AM - 12:30 PM

Description: Meditation Dance and Fitness

Come discover Meditation, Dance & Fitness, the complete recipe for healthy & abundant life.

No need of specific aerobics, sweating, tiring & boring workouts. True nature of fitness is body, mind & soul balance.

This workshop will introduce you the methods that you can practice daily to achieve mind and body balance, the true fitness.

Osho has used dance as a meditation because he says that dance is the only activity in which the ego can disappear easily. But dance can only become meditation if the dance is not contrived. Dance is good in itself - as far as it goes. After it, you will feel fresh, young. But it is not meditation yet. The dancer must go, until only the dance remains.


9:15 AM – 10:00 AM: Introduction to the beginners & Osho Video for the regular members.

10:00 AM – 11:00 AM: Stop Dance Meditation.

11: 00AM - 11:20 AM: Break.

11:20 AM – 12:20 PM: Pranayama - Active Breathing,Chanting and Stillness- A powerful technique to go in subtle peace.

12:20 PM – 12:30 PM: Sharing & Closing.


We are a donations based group, no one will ask you for the payment. Please contribute any amount between $10-$20 in the box at front.

You can also choose to become to monthly member at $55/month.


Click here to RSVP.

Also join us every Wednesday 7PM - 9 PM at Zorba Studio,

(Please note the time change, Wednesday program will start at 7:00 PM instead of 6:30 PM)

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Every university, every science institute, should make it absolutely necessary that anybody who graduates as a scientist has also to graduate as a meditator. And meditation will be the priority. If you cannot pass as a meditator, you cannot be allowed a science degrees from the university. That's the only way -- to make every scientist a meditator so that he becomes aware in himself of deeper things -- life, love, consciousness -- and ultimately the eternity of one's being.

The problem with meditation is that everyone has to go into it individually. You cannot teach it like any other subject. Any other subject can be taught to a class, there is no need that it be taught only to the individual. And every other subject can be examined collectively; people can answer the same questions.

Neither meditation can be taught as any other subject because it is not objective, nor can it be examined through examinations. It's learning will be different, it's examination will be different, because the whole dimension is different. The method can be told collectively, but each individual has to practice the method individually. And he is not only the practitioner, but also the examiner. As he goes deeper, only he knows that his thoughts are becoming less, that his mind is left far behind, that his feelings are evaporating, that he has come to a space which he has never known before where his mind has become non-existent. His ego has simply disappeared like a shadow.

He is, but he cannot say "I am" He can only feel the isness of his being, but he cannot assert it as "I" because he can see that he is connected with the whole existence; and only the whole existence can use the word "I." But the whole existence is absolutely silent. There is no need for it to use the word, because there is no other existence to talk with. And each individual is only an individual superficially, just as each wave on the ocean is individual but deep down it is just ocean.

But there can be certain criteria for which the person can be examined from outside, too. For example, this person will lose all possibility of anger. So you have to put him in situations where ordinarily anger would be the reaction, but he will not be angry. On the contrary, he be feel very compassionate and understanding. He will become very sensitive about everything; his listening, his seeing, his touch, his taste, his capacity to smell -- all his senses will start functioning at their highest peak.

You can easily understand whether his sensitivity has deepened or not. His love will become unconditional. It will not be any longer a love-hate relationship, it will be just love. And conditions can be arranged where his beloved falls in love with somebody else. You have to watch his reaction. If he is a meditator, he will feel immensely happy that the person he loves is happy. It doesn't matter with whom, with him or with somebody else; what matters is, the person he loves is happy.

His total perspective about things will be different than the ordinary man is, so you cannot have examinations like you have in other subjects. You will have to create situations and watch: if he still reacts in the old ways, then meditation has not happened. @A160 If he behaves from some new dimensions, something which seems almost impossible.... Your beloved being happy and having pleasure with somebody else and you are rejoicing because she will be so happy -- it is against man's animal nature. It is possible only when man has touched something of the superman.

And the same about many things. You will find the man in sickness, in health, the same. In sickness he will not be miserable. The body may be sick, the body may be in pain, but you can see the man is not affected by it. In pain or in pleasure he remains the same. In poverty or in richness he remains the same. His inner tranquility is not disturbed by anything. He may become famous, he may become notorious -- it doesn't matter. What others say about him no longer matters at all; what matters is his own experience of himself.

For the ordinary man what others say matters too much, because he has nothing of his own. Whatever he thinks he is, is just a collection of opinions of other people. Somebody has said, "You are beautiful," somebody has said, "You are intelligent," and he has been collecting all these. And hence he's always afraid: he should not behave in such a way that he loses his reputation, respectability. He is always afraid of public opinion, what people will say, because all that he knows about himself is what people have said about him. If they take it back, they leave him naked. Then he does not know who he is: ugly, beautiful, intelligent, unintelligent. He has no idea, even vaguely, of his own being; he depends on others.

But the man of meditation has no need of others' opinions. He knows himself, so it does not matter what others say. Even if the whole world says something which goes against his own experience, he will simply laugh. At the most, that can be the only response. But he is not going to take any step to change people's opinion. Who are they? They don't know themselves and they are trying to label him. He will reject labeling. He will simply say, "Whatever I am, I am, and this is the way I am going to be."
So in different situations... it will take a little longer time than an ordinary examination takes, but it is worth it. He should be put into every possible situation, and watched. A few qualities will start evolving very clearly out of him. His mental age will suddenly become equal to his bodily age -- which is measurable.

Ordinarily, the mental age remains near thirteen, although the person may be seventy. That's why... just scratch a person a little bit and he starts behaving like a child, throws a tantrum. You cannot believe that an educated man, a professor in the university, would behave like that. A woman so educated, who has a doctorate in philosophy, starts throwing things in the kitchen. The mental age is not equal to the physical age.

The meditator immediately takes the jump. If he is thirty, his mental age also is thirty, and that always remains balanced. Till the last breath, his mind goes on growing up.

Things which can be very visible will be that he is no longer ambitious. He is creative, he wants to create: but he is no longer a competitor, he does not want to compete. @A294 The very idea of competition goes against meditation. His creating is for its own joy -- it has an intrinsic value. He may paint, he may compose music, he may write poetry, but it is not to compete with somebody else's. It is not to get a Nobel prize; Every moment he is creating, he is getting his Nobel prize. In the very act of creation he is rewarded, nothing more is needed.

He will not be ambitious. He will lose all interest in politics. He will lose all interest in anything that is in the service of death, destructive. You cannot force a meditator to make atom bombs, nuclear weapons - impossible.

It is possible today, because inside there is nobody to say no. It is possible today because the ambition is there, the great job is there, publicity is there, the Nobel prize is there -- respectability is there and these are your considerations.

If you want to change so that science is not destructive to ecology, so that it is not destructive to humanity... on the contrary, it can enrich ecology. It can make humanity take tremendous quantum leaps of growth but for that the scientist has to be transformed first.

And the only way is that no university should allow any scientist to go out of the university without proving that he has attained the state of meditation. It may take one year, two years, it doesn't matter. He can have his scientific degrees, but they will have to wait. Unless he proves himself a meditator, those degrees will not be given to him.

That's the only way that the future generation of scientists can be a totally different kind, a different category, a discontinuity with the past scientists.

These scientists are in a strange position they are blind as far as their own consciousness is concerned. And they are intelligent enough to create, but they are blind: they don't know what they are creating, whether it is going to serve humanity or to destroy it. For their small rewards and salaries and awards... they don't think that what they are doing is going to create Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

OSHO: The Last Testament, Volume 4, Chapter# 02


Zorba Studio offers blend of Art, Meditation and Yoga.

During the weekends, we facilitate meditations inspired by Enlightened master OSHO and Yoga.

During the weekdays Zorba Studio is a Beautiful Art Gallery.

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