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Spiritual Meetup

People who have recently awakened to the spiritual world, who have been interested for a long time but those who feel uncomfortable talking to friends. Why don’t you join our group and feel free to talk about spirituality?

Could you share your experiences to others and eventually it’ll lead to your own spiritual growth, maybe? Various awareness may start ...

Join us!!! If you would like to practice speaking English too. Let’s have some fun talking about spirituality!

We’ll try to decide what kind of topic we want to talk about in advance.

If you are soliciting religion or sales, please leave this group.

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第10回 スピリチュアルミートアップ / The Tenth Spiritual Meetup

第10回目のスピリチュアルミートアップです! まだ出来立てのグループなので新しい方もぜひぜひ大歓迎です! 今回のトピックは夢についてです。 場所はお天気が良ければ変更するかもしれません。変更があれば参加者の方にはお知らせいたします。 皆さんが疑問に思う事や共有したいお話を是非この場で話してください。トピック以外のお話もします。 運営費: ¥500 The 10th Spiritual Meetup! This group is fairly new. So new members are always welcome too! This time’s topic is dream. Please feel free to bring any questions or stories to share. We will discuss other than this topic. Maintenance Fee: ¥500

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