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※※※ 重要事項 ※※※


This group is for playing basketball in/around Nagoya on weekends.

Beginners and women are welcome.
Of course all skill players are welcome.
People from foreign countries are welcome.

If you want to play basketball in high-level, you won’t enjoy this group.

※※※ IMPORTANT things ※※※
•Recruiting for any religious organizations, networking business is NEVER allowed.
•You are NOT allowed being absent with no letting me know in advance even though you express your attendance.

You might be kicked out from this group if you cannot keep above things.

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Upcoming events (2)

バスケットボール in 名古屋 / Basketball meetup in Nagora

Nagoya City Higashi Sports Center

English below バスケやります! 参加人数の上限は28人(最大7人/1チーム x 4チーム) 必ずグループの説明事項を読んだ上で参加申請をお願いします。 ■日時場所 •12/7(土) 15:00-18:00 •東スポーツセンターの第1競技場に15時に着替えた状態で集合 •遅れて来る、早く帰ることも可能です。その場合は事前に教えてください 場所 名古屋市東スポーツセンター 第1競技場 https://goo.gl/maps/9Xn7gfK1oFsATpmj6 ■タイムスケジュールイメージ(ラフ) 15:00-15:10 受付 15:10-15:30 ストレッチ、ウォーミングアップ(各自) 15:30-15:50 全員で軽く練習 15:50-17:40 チーム分け、ゲーム 17:40-18:00 片付け ■費用 ¥500程度 ※人数によって少し変わります ※※いただいたお金は体育館の使用料、ミートアップ運営費、バスケ用品等に使用します ■持ち物 •室内シューズ(必須) •運動できる服装(必須) •バスケットボール(あれば助かります) English version Let’s play basketball in Nagoya! Limit of participants is 28 people. You MUST read the explanation of this group before you apply for the event. ■Time & place •Dec 7th (Sat.) 3pm to 6pm •Meet up at the #1 gym of the Nagoya City Higashi Center after changing your clothes •You can come later or leave earlier. If so let me know in advance ■Location Nagoya City Higashi Sports Center #1 gym 1-chōme[masked] Daikominami, Higashi Ward, Nagoya, Aichi[masked]https://goo.gl/maps/9Xn7gfK1oFsATpmj6 ■Rough time schedule 3:00pm-3:10pm Sign in 3:10pm-3:30pm Stretch and warming up by yourself 3:30pm-3:50pm Light practice with everyone 3:50pm-5:40pm Making teams and playing games 5:40pm-6:00pm Clean up ■Cost ¥500 ※The cost will be changed a bit depending on the number of participants ※※The money is used for gym fee, management fee and items for basketball ■Requirements •Inside shoes (Must) •Uniform for exercise (Must) •Ball for basketball (If possible) Thanks!!

Bリーグ観戦 / Let’s go to watch Japanese professional game

meetup Bリーグ観戦の案内 English below Bリーグ観に行きます! 試合後は時間ある人で食事に行こうと思ってます。 ※グループの重要事項を読んで理解した上で参加申請お願いします ※チケット購入後にキャンセルされた場合はチケット代を請求させていただきます ※チケット購入する必要があるため、参加申請は12/12までとさせていただきます ■日時場所 •12/22(日) 14:00-17:30くらい •地下鉄名城線市役所駅7番出口に14時集合 ■タイムスケジュールイメージ(ラフ) 14:00 集合 14:00-15:00 席確保、Tip offまで待ち 15:00-17:30? 試合観戦 試合後、どこかで食事 ■費用 チケット代¥2500程度 ■試合情報 名古屋ドルフィンズ vs 川崎ブレイブサンダース 席:2F自由席(一番安い席) English version Let’s go to watch Japanese professional basketball game! Maybe going dinner after game ※You have to read and understand the important things of this group before application for the event ※You have to pay the ticket fee if you cancel after buying the ticket ※Application dead line is Dec. 12nd because I have to buy tickets ■Time & place •Dec 22nd (Sun.) 2pm to 5:30pm (maybe) •Meeting up at #7 exit of the subway station in Meijo-line “Shiyakusho (City Hall)” at 2pm ■Rough time schedule 14:00 Meetup 14:00-15:00 Secure seats, wait until tip off 15:00-17:30? Watching the game Dinner after the game (maybe) ■Cost Ticket fee: around 2500yen ■Game Information Nagoya Dolphins vs Kawasaki Brave Thunders Seats: non-reserved in 2nd floor (the cheapest) Thanks!!

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