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Japanese Small Talk Practice for Foreigners!

Hello, this is Masayo. I'm a Japanese from Sapporo who has been studying English for about 5 years. I used to lived abroad and I learned English hard so I can understand the feelings of foreigners living in Japan very well.

「『公開、後悔、航海? こうかい』って漢字がたくさんあって、どれだかわからない〜。 」
"Can't get into Japanese conversation ..."
"It's too fast to hear what they are saying at all ..."
"Don’t wanna disturb their pleasant Japanese conversation ..."
"It's awkward to let Japanese people listen to with my poor Japanese."
"There are a lot of kanji in "Kokai "and I don't know which is the one!"
"I barely understand honorifics, but it is completely impossible to understand when it comes to casual version "

Have you ever felt that way?
This is a Japanese practice meeting for you!

At this meeting, we use cards to practice chatting.
For example,

・日本の食べ物で、一番好きな食べ物は? 苦手な食べ物は?
・ Please tell me the interesting superstition that you know
・ What is your favorite Japanese food? What do you dislike?
・If you had a time machine, would you go to the past or the future, and if so why?
・ Tell us about your part-time job experience.
・ What to do if you hit the lottery?
・Tell us about the Japanese custom that you surprised
・ While traveling so far, what is your favorite place?

Target audience:
・ Foreigners practicing Japanese
-Those who can write and read hiragana and katakana (all kanji have ruby)
-It may be fun especially at around N3 level of level JLPT.
・ We will talk slowly at this meeting.
・ If you have words you do not understand, please do not hesitate to ask Japanese.

The rule:
・ English is prohibited. Please use only Japanese. If you have words that you do not understand, use the dictionary and make a note.

Purpose of this meeting:
・ For foreigners to get used to speaking Japanesen and be able to speak with confidence.

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If you would like to cancel, please click the No Participation button by the day.


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