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Hi guys! My name is Yumi and I created this group to host detox exercise classes in Japanese. If you want to exercise in Japanese, and improve your Japanese skills, this group is for you!

I welcome anyone who's studied Japanese before and curious to know how it's like to take exercise classes in Japanese. Please note the entire class will be held in Japanese. I know this limits who can come to the classes, so I'm organizing English classes pretty soon.

Join the group if you are interested!

What is the detox exercise I'm talking about?
-I teach Hawaiian Pareo Exercise which was created in Japan about 10 years ago. It consists of gentle and strain-free movements that promote blood, lymph and ki energy flow of the body, and re-align your body. It basically is a secret in boosting your metabolism and detoxing your body.

皆さんこんにちは!日本で生まれた、血流、リンパ、気の流れを良くしながら、ゆがみを取り代謝を良くする、デトックス体操 : ハワイアンパレオ体操というクラスを教え始めました。
日本でトレーナー認定を取得し、去年会社を立ち上げました! ベイエリアでこれからクラスを開いて行きます。


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Hawaiian Pareo Exercise in Japanese!

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