• A relaxed first get together at Kansai Kitchen! Food optional :-)

    The Hillgrove Porter Stores


    Please confirm whether you will be able to join us. Very sorry for the short notice, and apologies to those who cannot make a Tuesday … There will be other events on different evenings ... This will be a relaxed, informal first get together, with the intention of getting to meet people with an interest in Japanese Language and culture. One member has a friend visiting from Japan who will be travelling home this week, so come and say 'Sayōnara!' Kansai Kitchen offer excellent, authentic Japanese food which can be ordered a dish or two at a time. No need to eat to attend though, just come and meet us! As the Meetup group is currently limited to 50 people, we would greatly appreciate your voluntary contribution towards Meetup.com costs, which will enable us to allow unlimited members to join the group, thereby providing more people to practice speaking Japanese with :-) Saori & Martin