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"Los Angeles Hong Kongers" is a social networking group designed for Hong Kong, Macau or Canton Cities locals living in the greater Los Angeles Area. No matter you are just moved in or stayed long enough time in the United States, you all are welcome!

This group would host different types of event for sharing fun and happiness in order to keep in contact with everyone!

To join this group or already a group member, please read the followings rules and the disclaimer.

1. Members' must be living in greater Los Angeles Area included Los Angeles County, Orange County, Riverside County, Ventura County, and San Bernardino County.

2. This group is mostly Cantonese speaking and Chinese Traditional for reading or writing as the communication. All members are suggested to have a decent level of Cantonese speaking, listening skills, and basic level Chinese Traditional reading skills.

3. In addition, all members must have living experiences in Hong Kong, Macau or Canton Cities for instance of exchange students, study aboard, local residents, immigrants, job assignments/work relocation etc. Traveling experiences, language learning, family members' living experience or culture exchange purpose would not be a consideration for the membership request.**

**Exceptional circumstances for memberships background would be exempted and must be approved by the group administrator/organizer. Please contact for detail information.

4. To ensure the members quality in the group, a questionnaire is required for the membership request.

5. Any incomplete, unfaithful or perfunctory responses found on the questionnaire, membership request would be declined.

6. All current or potential “Los Angeles Hong Kongers” members must show a clear and single person profile picture. Any current member's for using unrecognizable profile pictures(including pet, anime, children) would be received a correctional notice, new membership request would be declined.

7. All members must respect the others and perform an appropriate manner in the group.

8. All members must comply with local government regulations, event rules, or site policies during the activities.

9. To ensure smooth operation of the group, organizers’ in this group reserves the right to refuse service.


Group organizers’ and event host would use their greatest effort to prevent any loss or injury during the activities; however, group administrators’/organizers’ and event host would not be responsible for any occurred incidents.

************English Version of the group introduction and disclaimers section are for reference purpose only; all communications language including membership rules, introduction, disclaimers, notification etc. in this group would be using Chinese Traditional text version as a standard..********



雖然群組名叫 “港人玩食團”,但只要大家成長或生活文化背景相近、住過喺香港、澳門或廣東省城市嘅朋友都一樣歡迎......




1. 組員必須住在洛杉磯地區,包括洛杉磯縣,橙縣,河濱縣,范圖拉縣和聖伯納迪諾縣。

2. 群組主要是以粵語及繁體中文作為溝通語言。建議組員擁有基本的粵語水平,聽力及閱讀技巧。

3. 組員必須在香港,澳門或廣東沿岸城市擁有生活經驗,例如交換生、留學生、當地居民、移民和工作分配/工作地方搬遷等。旅行經歷、親友的生活經驗旅行經歷、語言學習或 文化交流目的不會是會員資格要求的考慮因素。**

** 附註: 個別特殊情況(例如組員配偶、伴侶、親屬關係等)會被豁免及酌情處理,並必須得到管理員的批准。請聯繫以獲取詳細信息。

4. 為確保加入組員質素,會員必須完成問卷。

5. 所有現有或要求加入群組的組員必須展示清晰及單人個人資料照片,不得在臉上留下任何明顯的遮擋。任何使用不合理的個人資料圖片(包括動漫、小孩或寵物等)的現有組員都將收到通知並在特定時間段內更正。要求加入的組員將不會被選取,直至個人資料照片得到調整。

6. 問卷上發現任何不完整、不誠實或敷衍的答複,加入要求將被拒絕。

7. 所有組員必須尊重別人,並在群組中進行適當的行為。

8. 所有會員必須在活動期間遵守當地政府法規,活動或場地守則。

9. 為確保群組運作暢順,群組管理人員保留拒絕提供服務的權利。


群組管理員 或 及 活動策劃者將使用最大的努力,以防止群組所有活動(包括網上留言、外出活動等)中
的任何損失或傷害,群組管理員 或/及 活動組織者不會對任何發生事件負責。

************英文版的團體介紹和免責聲明部分僅供參考; 所有通訊語言,包括會員規則,介紹,免責聲明,通知等,都將使用中文繁體版本作為標準。********

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修改版本 11/10/18 加入條例 1

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