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This is a group that gives foreign Japanese learners a chance of practicing Japanese and having a relationship with Japanese.
Foreigners who want to practice Japanese or have a relationship with Japanese, let's come and join us!

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Chat and Practice Japanese #26


【English/Japanese】 If you want to learn Japanese, let’s come by and enjoy Japanese conversation! This is a casual and informal meeting for foreign Japanese learners and Japanese people who want to talk with foreigners. Any level is welcome. Let’s chat, practice and learn Japanese. If you have chance, you can make Japanese friends. I am a Japanese-learners' supporter. So if you have some trouble about learning Japanese, I may help you to solve that. Look forward to seeing you there! ◆Place Address :[masked] Yahata-cho Nada-ku Kobe-city (住所:神戸市灘区八幡町[masked]) Cafe : Renca (2 minutes from Rokko Station(Hankyu), or 10 minutes from Rokkomichi Station(JR). ) (阪急六甲駅から徒歩2分(駅の南側の線路沿いを西宮方面(東方面)に歩きます)、JR六甲道駅から徒歩10分。) ◆Fee:500 yen (except for this, please order at least 1 drink. Cash only) ◆Contact me: If you join this meeting, please push the button 'join' or send email below by the day before 18:00. Name: Katayama e-mail: [masked] 【日本人の皆様】 外国人の日本語学習者の方が、日本語を練習するためのカジュアルな会を開いています。 外国人に日本語を教えることに興味のある方、または外国人とお話ししてみたい、お友達になってみたい方、ぜひご参加下さい。 (私は日本語学習者サポーターです) 参加費:500円(別途、1ドリンク以上の注文をお願い致します) ご参加をご希望の方は、前日の19時までに「参加」ボタンを押していただくか、以下のメールアドレスまでご連絡下さい。 名前:片山 e-mail: [masked]

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Chat and Practice Japanese #25

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