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伸展瑜珈班 (查詢:2527 4000 / 9303 1671)
瑜珈從印度梵語Yue或Yui而來,意思是"一致"、"結合"或"和諧"的意思,瑜珈便是將身與心結合的古老健身法。當你開始練習,再反覆練習,透過專注的呼吸、變化多樣的式子組合及伸展扭曲的動作,就能夠按摩體內的五臟六腑,令肌肉及身心均放鬆,血液循環,舒緩勞累及延緩老化速度,最終再獲得美麗健康的身體及線條。 伸展瑜珈班 (查詢:[masked]) 逢星期二及四:中午12:30-1:30p.m.及晚上7:00-8:30p.m. 逢星期三晚上: 7:00-8:30p.m. & 逢星期六早上:11:00-12:30a.m. *亦設有私人教授或二人同行瑜珈班, 日期及時間可以任擇, 歡迎預約* 瑜珈班 4堂 8堂 12堂 一小時 $600 $1120 $1560 一小時半 $720 $1360 $1920 Stretching Yoga Class (Enquiry:[masked]) Every Tuesday & Thursday noon 12:30-1:30p.m&7:00-8:30pm Every Wednesday evening: 7:00-8:30p.m. & Every Saturday morning:11:00-12:30a.m *Private Class or 2 person classes are provided, date & time can be flexible, enquiry is welcome!* Yoga Class 4 Lessons 8 Lessons 12 Lessons 1 hr $600 $1120 $1560 1.5 hr $720 $1360 $1920

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瑜珈從印度梵語Yue或Yui而來,意思是"一致"、"結合"或"和諧"的意思,瑜珈便是將身與心結合的古老健身法。當你開始練習,再反覆練習,透過專注的呼吸、變化多樣的式子組合及伸展扭曲的動作,就能夠按摩體內的五臟六腑,令肌肉及身心均放鬆,血液循環,舒緩勞累及延緩老化速度,歡迎喜愛健康及美麗的你電郵 / 或致電 2527 4000查詢及預約。

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The word of “Yoga”, originated from a Sanskrit word of “Yui” or “Yue”, means “Consistence”, "Combination" or "Harmony". Hence Yoga is a classic fitness exercise to combine our body and mind together. When you start to practice and practice, through learning focused Breathing exercises (Pranayama), diversified yoga poses and stretching and twisting movements, it massages our bodies’ internal organs and achieves muscles relaxation, blood circulation, pain and fatigue relieving, slow down aging speed coming back. Besides, mind is also relaxing and harmony. We are welcome you can email us, / or call us 2527 4000 as enquiry and make booking. Meet you sooner!

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