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無論你屬於任何年紀也值得放眼世界,我們歡迎你!來吧!是時候跳出自己的框框,做一些你不做的事情!Lets Go!

A balanced life is something that people have been pursuing. Life can not only be work. It is also important to be happy in time, enjoy the present, and pursue balance. This is also the purpose of the HeHa group! We will hold events from time to time whether you like sports, wine, music, movies or even lunch / dinner gathering. It will always be the way you like it.

No matter what age you are, it is worth looking at the world, we welcome you! come on! It's time to get out of your box and do something you don't do! Let's Go!

1. 歡迎外地本地人一同參與。
2. 凡超過3次 No Show者,本組有權移離該組員。
3. 謝絕任何推銷活動,狗公行為。
4. 任何活動逾時不候,組員請提早到達。
5. 如已報名,於活動舉行當日得悉不能出席,請於活動舉辦前3小時内通知。沒有通知當No Show 論。
6. 如組員的朋友希望一同參與活動,請先加入本群組
7. 大家旨在認識新朋友,享受活動,請尊重任何主辦人及組員。
8. 為保障各組員的私隱,我們一律不會回答,請在活動中/後向對方查詢,留意個人安全及身體狀況,自行負責。

Please note the following :
1. Welcome local people and foreigners.
2. When there are more than three times No Shows, we have the right to ban you out from ours group.
3. Reject any sales promotion and overly enthusiastic.
4. Please arrive early. We will not waiting for you.
5. If you have already registered, you are informed that you cannot attend the event on the day of the event. Please notify within 3 hours before the event.
6. If friends of the group wish to participate in the activity together, please join this group first.
7. Everyone aims to meet new friends and enjoy the activity. Please respect any hosts and team members.
8. To keep everyone's privacy, we will not disclose any personal information. You can ask these by yourself during event.

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Ad Hoc 星期二暢飲😆

T Bar, Eaton Smart Hotel

開心星期二 Happy Hour!

T Bar, Eaton Smart Hotel

Night Drink!

T Bar, Eaton Smart Hotel

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