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Does anyone have snow pants are a suit and boots?
I have a friend that’s going snowtubing, and he’s looking for snow pants and boots to buy or if you would loan them out. I would appreciate any help or please replied back to me. Thank you so much.

Needs a location

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    What we're about

    The most wasted of all days is that in which we have not laughed.

    We are family friendly.

    What does it cost? Memberships are $12.00 per year it equal out to $1.00 per month.

    Please mail your check to Sharon Decker, 8200 Quarters Ln. Mint Hill,NC 28227 .We work very hard on variety of events. We kayak/hike/social, weekend trips for time to time, gatherings at Christmas, Fall, Historic Latta Plantation, the Raptor Center, History of our State, Zip Lining, Gardens, checking , farmhouse winery with so much history as well as NC Wineries, Living History, Day of Reenactment. You will find we are an Adventure- Hiking, Kayaking, Social / Etc. for all ages. Now you can see why we have dues of $12.00 per years and it helps to cover Meetup costs of our website, Deposits for some of our events. I want everyone to feel it’s their group, not just the Organizers. We want your input in our events. I would like our group to be a friendship group where we care about each other. A group of fun people with similar interests in outdoor & recreational activities and making new friends.

    What are the rules? We ask that you have fun but respect the interests and abilities of others. The event hosts are a group of volunteers who give much of their time to plan and organize events, so due respect is required. If have desire to check out new places? Whether it be museums, wineries, places to eat, outdoors or indoors venues in North and South Carolina areas. Come join the group and together we will visit as many of those places as possible. Doesn't matter if you have disabilities, are able to do moderate exercise, or are a real exerciser, we plan to have an assortment of things to do.

    Our Group Memo to all members.

    We leave no one behind, We laugh… a lot
    We are patient, most of the time. We tell the truth
    We support each other, we hug often, and we make mistakes.
    We always forgive, we always have fun. But above all, we love.

    Come along with us for that great adventure and making great friendships on the way!!

    Any questions please let me know,or e-mail us by clicking on our photos.

    We do share events with our good friends, The Waxhaw Hiking & Kayaking Meetup Group from time to time, some might call us the extended family.

    This is a group for anyone interested in Hiking, kayaking, canoeing, social / etc. All skills levels are welcome. We will throw in a little social and off we go. As well as being a group where everyone is Welcome! Whether you're Single, Married, or Dating, this is the group where you can share your different and varied interests with everybody else. Every group member has the ability to post events for all to share and participate in. So, if you should feel like going to a movie or a play, maybe heard about a great band playing, a new restaurant to try out, or just always wanted to do that certain thing that you've been waiting to try out, or anything else which may come to mind that's exciting and fun which others might enjoy too. So you just go ahead and POST IT! And then you'll HOST IT! Now let's have some FUN while also having the opportunity to meet and make many new and wonderful friends.

    If you've been wanting to go somewhere or do something cool in the outdoors, please feel to post your event/activity suggestion!! This is your Meetup Group so make it work for you!!

    This group offers those people up for Adventure , all in one meet up!! Meet other people who love nature, Hiking, Walking, Kayaking, Canoeing, Backpacking, Camping, Biking, and other outdoor pursuits.

    Interested in taking a short, long, or somewhere in the middle length hike where ever our group might want to travel, Look no further!!! Everything from a quick (3-4 hour) hike to a full day of hiking to overnight backpacking trips, we'll try it all! We will throw in a little social. Check us out and experience and amazing past events and upcoming events

    0-100 Adventure- Hiking, Kayaking, Social / Etc. provides guided walking/hiking/kayaking tours of some the places we go.

    Fascinating history from the mid-1700s to the present as well as give you an insider's view of the fun, fellowship meeting great folks. Intriguing spaces all throughout the area. From Victorian-era mansions, plantations tucked away in the area from magnificent public art displays around every corner. We peek inside the time gone by with the present. Throw in a couple of surprises along the way.

    Everyone is welcome to the group, beginner or expert.

    Hike/ kayak event organizers reserve the right to limit the hike size and screen potential participants to ensure their own safety and that of others in the group. Hike Organizer and Event Hosts will also try to post as much information as possible about the hike, however since there are so many trails in the area, we have not always hiked them before and are sometimes relying on published or posted information.

    You can see we do many activities

    There are many kayakers in the Charlotte area. Some use the Area Rivers and lakes, some drive to the mountains to experience natural whitewater and flat water rivers and lakes, and some frequent our amazing Whitewater Center here in Charlotte. This group will put together outings for any and all of the above activities 0 - 100 Hiking, Kayaking, Social / Etc.

    We are keeping it laid back taking our time having fun taking lots of photos as we go.

    Together, we will be able to travel to some of the more dramatic scenic trails, rivers, lakes, and places to be physically active at an easy to moderate pace enjoying the mountains, the vistas, waterfalls, open meadows, gorges, the wildflowers, the forest, the wetlands, plants, cascading rivers and streams, lakes, and all that nature offers in the four seasons. We even stop to take photos on our outing. There will also be occasional local trips in and out of the Charlotte area, as well as social events such as dinner out, parties, visits to the cultural arts, take a train somewhere fun, Zip line, Bus tours, overnight camping in the mountains, we go to Blues, Jazz Bands, Live Music as well as 60's70's Rock an Roll, Cruise in (Antique cars) and much more etc.

    The name of the game is outstanding enjoyment, fun, and friendships with others , based upon a mutual love of the great outdoors.

    This is a fun social group with open minded, happy and friendly people and to keep it that way we do require for you to answer the profile questions and provide a photograph so we can learn a little about you and are able to recognize you when you come to an event. Our group is a friendship group like one big family so at our events we always go to the host and let them know we are leaving and say our good byes, just like families will do. We care about all members and This helps to keep us safe. As well as giving our host a chance to thank you for coming. Please check in with our host to let them know you here, we leave no one behind in our group and will wait a few minutes for you (10 or 15 min).

    Sometimes we will post a small fee on the event to pay for the food for the event.

    Membership fee per person $12.00 ( couples as well per person $24.00 per couple) January1st - 31st.You are welcome to bring the same guest tree times but after that please have them to become a member. This fee will cover the yearly meet up subscription fee as well as other fees and some of the expenses throughout the year. The amount left over at the end of the year will then be used for either a special get together within the group or will be donated to a local charity. We will notify members of the amount we have left in the money pool and give everyone the opportunity to have their say as to how we should spend it. Most of our events you can bring guest for 2 event after that your guest should become a member. At times we will have a very few members only events only due to place and if it’s at some home it will be members only. So if you RSVP for the event and the site want let you bring a guest. That would be the reason.

    We will meet occasionally to plan the excursions.

    “No Show” policy. After your third “No Show” you will be suspended from attending any MeetUps for three months.

    This does not mean if you have a true emergency and are not able to make contact with myself or other organizers that you will be considered a “No Show” but we do need to work harder on eliminating them from our MeetUps.

    Please help us keep this group active and fun for everyone!! And please remember that our Event Planners are volunteers. We are doing this because we enjoy hiking, and want everyone else to enjoy it too.

    Policy on NO SHOW Policy and how to RSVP

    Members some of you aren’t aware of NO SHOW for our events.

    At times I plan events where we must RSVP due to the fact tables are being held, We do have, NO Show Policy after three NO Show you are removed from the group

    Suggestions are GREATLY appreciated! So, come on in, interact, enjoy yourself.

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