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"Where Maize is Grown and Memories are Made."
Come join us at the "Country Days Corn Maze", they will honor American Heroes for the 2013 Corn Maze Season! Country Days Corn Maze are conveniently nestled between Hwy 218 and Hwy 601 in the small community of Fairview, NC.

Please bring your skewers or wire for the marshmallows for S'mores
I have Chocolate bars, Graham crackers & Large marshmallows for S’mores.
You can bring your drinks and snacks if you want. Bring a small Flashlights as well.

Minimum of 20 corn maze tickets to reserve a bonfire free of charge. Less then20 people it's $25.00.

Cost to get in, for the Maze $7.00 under 20 people. If we have 20 or more people it's $5.00 per person. We could invite our good friends from Ground Zero. Just pass the word along to Connie S. in our group. This will be sooooooooo much fun. Great cost as well!!

The "Big Ears Maze" is seven acres of pure confusing fun! We offer an interactive option to your participation in the maze, called a "passport." This Passport will follow a category of your choosing, and have ten multiple choice trivia questions numbered 1-10. Each question number matches up with one of ten posts in the maze (Example post one and question one go together). AS you travel through the maze with your passport and find each post you will answer the corresponding questions. When you choose your teams answer look beside your answer choice and a direction is listed! If you answered it correctly that direction will lead you in the correct way to the next post! You keep following this pattern until you reach the end!

Maps are available for both mazes upon request!

Concessions are available, offering a variety of foods that will satisfy any hungry appetite. While you're at the maze, visit us at the General Store where we sale all types of novelty souvenirs, nostalgic candies, T-shirts, homemade jams, and pumpkins.

So whether you're from out of town or live in the local area, we
invite you to stop in for a fun-filled day on the farm that the entire family can enjoy at an affordable price.

Bonfire areas, which are available to accommodate a variety of group sizes. Reservations are in two hour increments and requires that the group purchase a minimum of 20 corn maze tickets to reserve a bonfire free of charge. If you have less than 20 paying people in your group and wish to reserve a bonfire, there will be a fee of $25.00. Grills may be reserved based on availability.

For large groups who wish to purchase a package deal that includes concessions, I will contact them in advance to check for availability.

Important Information for Groups:
Groups must be reserved by a designated group leader assumes responsibility for the management of the group's behavior.
• Absolutely NO ALCOHOL should be brought on to the premises. If alcohol is found, the group will be asked to leave with NO REFUNDS.
• Bonfires are lit and maintained by Country Days Corn Maze employees only. If you need assistance with a bonfire, report it to the staff at the General Store.
Paid Activities $1.00 each
Cow Train
Corn Cannon
Duck Races
Petting Zoo
Hop-A-Long Rodeo
Free Activities
Corn Box
Barn Animals
Corn Hole