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We are proud to be hosting again the Joy of Coding ( Warm-Up Party. Join us for tech talk, hang out with fellow developers and mingle with the conference speakers! Everyone is welcome to join, also people not attending the Joy of Coding (

Pieter-Joost van de Sande ( kick start the evening by introducing Go, the new programming language developed by Google. Dick Wall (, Java Posse podcaster and keynote speaker at the Joy of Coding (, will follow with a talk on courage in software development.

BTW, there are still some tickets left for the Joy of Coding ( You can get them here (


• 19:00-22:30, Thursday, 6 March 2014

• Venue - Westelijk Handelsterrein, Pakhuis 17, Vollenhovenstraat 15, Rotterdam (map (

• Free beer sponsored by Mendix (


19:00 - Arrival and drinks

19:20 - "The Go Programming Language" - Pieter-Joost van de Sande (

20:00 - Break

20:15 - "Courage in Software Development" - Dick Wall (

21:00 - Drinks & networking


• Pieter-Joost van de Sande ( is a Gopher at (, the largest dating site of Sweden where he is working on a complete rewrite in Go.

• Dick Wall ( is a veteran Java developer, Scala trainer and consultant at Escalate Software (, founder and co-host of the Java Posse (


• Introduction to Go - Pieter-Joost van de Sande (

Go is a general-purpose language that bridges the gap between efficient statically typed languages and productive dynamic language. But it’s not just the language that makes Go special – Go has broad and consistent standard libraries and powerful but simple tools.

This talk gives an introduction to Go, followed by a tour of some real programs that demonstrate the power, scope, and simplicity of the Go programming environment.

• Courage in Software Development - Dick Wall (

We all experience the desire to better ourselves. However, deadlines, accountability, mixed ability teams, and a level of maturity in Object Oriented Development, and more specifically in the Java language, have led to a conservative approach to software development where risks are largely frowned upon, engineers and managers tend to stick with what they know, and bettering oneself often means arguing over best practices or concentrating on the details of our trade, the software craftsmanship movement is an example of this.This approach also leads to wasted effort, wasted engineers and wasted opportunities. Writing a new web or app framework is predictable, and often easily justified. It's also often a misguided effort, and we will discuss why.This talk will present a different viewpoint, based on careful courage as opposed to risk aversion at all costs, aimed at moving the world forward rather than avoiding failure to meet a deadline.


This event is sponsored by Mendix (