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What we’re about

The purpose of this group is to meet other friendly, sweet, down to earth, outgoing, mature, fun and drama-free latinas, and to hang out, travel locally (or venture farther) doing fun things, and build lasting friendships along the way.

Whether you're single with or without kids, dating, engaged, married with or without kids, or divorced this group is for any SoCal Latina who'd like to get together with other latinas and hang out. This group is for females, but there may be times where we can have outings such as couples-only "date nights" or even family outings.

We can go to different restaurants, go shopping, hang out at coffee shops and just<br> chit chat about anything, go to the movies, go to a lounge to sip on cocktails,<br> host potlucks, get mani/pedi, spa days, go walking/hiking, go to the beach, go<br> bowling, special events/volunteer, explore new places...the list can go on and<br> on! I'm open for ideas/suggestions too!

I am strongly ENCOURAGING members of this group to suggest and<br> host events. You can post it up by clicking "Suggest a new Meeetup"<br> and if you get 2 RSVP's then it becomes your official event to host.



* ONLY Females can join (Sorry, NO exception!!!)

* You must have your ACTUAL name on your profile (not made up "user<br> name" so we know who you are and what to call you)

* You must have a "clear", visible, SOLO profile pic of yourself - No cartoon image, no group shots, and no far shots of yourself please (so that we all know what your pretty face looks like, and will helps us recognize you at our events )

* If you RSVP Yes to an event, the group will expect to see you there, and should<br> something come up (even if it's last minute as I understand things may come up)<br> I ask that you please change your RSVP to No immediately. No shows or flaking out are NOT allowed, please be nice and considerate

Important notes to keep in mind:

* If you RSVP Yes for an event(s), please do your best not to be late (I understand things happen, like accidents, traffic, etc), and if you can't make it any longer to try to change your RSVP at least 48 hours prior to the event. We want to try to avoid any last minute cancellations, especially when Event Hosts had taken the time to plan the event or made reservations for. If for whatever reason you can't change your RSVP, do your best to communicate with the Organizer/Event Host for that particular event via phone/text/ or email.

I request for all members to respect each other, respect the Organizer/Event Hosts. Problems/issues are not necessary while out and about at an event, so please don’t cause any. No drama allowed, if you like starting problems or you're too dramatic, then please DO NOT JOIN this group. This group is for mature women only, we're all grown adults here.

* If during your membership in our group, should there ever be any issue(s) with<br> anyone in the group, even if it is with whoever is hosting an event, please bring<br> this up to Organizer (Mirna) attention only. You may send me an email. This is not to be discussed with other members. This is to prevent any unnecessary drama… that is NOT what our group is about.

*Please bring enough money to cover for your own cost at an event. It is your<br> responsibility for your own expenses. Unless prior arrangements were made.



I'd like to see all members ACTIVE in this group (i.e. posting comments, RSVP's, attending our events, suggestions, hosting, etc.). Please understand, this is not to be strict. This is to promote for our group to be an ACTIVE group, with ACTIVE members who participates. We want members who joins in, and not just adding our group's name to your list of groups that you belong to.


Since there are times where members do not show up, without changing RSVP to NO, I am allowing members up to 3 chances. Should you do a NO-SHOW/FLAKE OUT to any of our events when you RSVP YES up to 3x, you will be removed<br> from the group. That will NOT be tolerated, and will be considered disrespectful not only to whoever is hosting, but to the rest of the members attending that particular event.


For those of you that are either new to or weren't aware<br> of this, does charge the Organizer of the group DUES. Having this<br> group up on this site is NOT FREE. For our group's due, I pay out of my own<br> pocket, in order to keep the group up and running. I'd like to request members to donate $10.00 (or any amount you wish), which would go towards paying the Organizer DUE. Please know, this is totally up to you to donate.

You may contribute any time or preferably after your first event, by clicking on "Pay Online" tab under "Contributions" under "About Us" located on the left side of our group's home page. This will take you to the PayPal screen.

If you rather donate in cash in person at an event you attend, that would be acceptable as well. Please provide your cash contribution to Mirna (Organizer) only. It is greatly appreciated to all those members who have contributed to the group, thank you very much ladies!!!