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Our group is about building connections and growth through the following activities:

- Gamified practice sessions (because the brain learns better when it is having fun). Practice leads to mastery and this is a safe space to practice negotiation skills, presentation, pitching, money management, etc.

- Life chat sessions where we can talk about relationships and how to live a good life in today’s chaotic world.

- Professional workshops to learn skills to succeed in your career and life

- Networking sessions

- Social outings

We strive to create a safe and environment for everyone to put into practice crucial personal and professional skills to succeed in today’s world.

If this resonates with you please join us.

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Connect Inside Out: Play your Mind

Jamies wine bar and restaurant


During this interactive game, you will experience the moving parts inside the brain that make up the human behaviour. Get inside the command centre of your mind. Have you ever been in a situation you were so angry that you said things or did things that you later regretted? We’ve all been there. Saying things in the spur of the moment because the emotions got the best of us. What if there was a way to remain the master of your emotions and offer a calmer response? In this in-person game, you will experience first hand what goes on inside the brain when two people interact. The workshop will help you gain self-awareness and understanding of how the mind works so you can be the driver of your own bus instead of the passenger. During this workshop you will: - Understand why we react to each other and what you can do about that - Learn the secrets to stop being triggered and re-empower yourself with new ways to react - Discover the biological reasons behind overwhelm and inability to function when upset or stressed - Learn how to change your perception and see the situation more clearly - Learn to differentiate facts from stories - Understand the hidden dynamics behind a social interaction and how to build greater ease in communication How the game works: - There are two teams. Each team embodies a character. You will randomly be given a role: a personified emotion, the neocortex or the body. - Then, I will present you a simplified model of the 3 brains and the governing rules for each of them. - Next you will be presented with a situation. We will witness the interactions of the emotions with the neocortex and the body. - Instinctive reactions, emotions and rational decisions, between conscious and unconscious mind, you will experience each step that leads to the human behaviour. - At the end of the game we will discuss why each individual reacted differently even though they experience the same situation. Taking part in this game is lifting up a part of mystery so you can know and understand yourself better. Through the game you will take a different look at human behaviours and open up to the potential of the mind. To be human is to act with human intelligence composed of logic and rationality mixed with emotions. Feedback from a past participant: “After 10 years in Financial Services and Telecoms, I'd lost count of how many times I had been told that business is about people, not just products and services. But do we truly know what this means? Those people - our customers, our teams, ourselves? Underneath the powerpoint, the spreadsheets, the endless email chains, where are the people, where are we? Caroline's game allowed me to examine what was happening during these interactions of our daily lives in a fun and relaxed setting. Having other people play my emotions - and wanting to disagree with them! - allowed me to understand the internal wranglings behind my reactions as well as those of others. We all go through the same processes, generalisations, distortions, and it's time now to peel those back and reveal our true selves. Don't send that email in anger, don't jostle for attention on that conference call, don't walk out of that meeting wondering "what happened?". Connect from within to your truth and you will shine, you will be your best self and you will succeed.” Zara Trainer: Caroline Thay I’m an emotional intelligence coach and NLP trainer. I help people bulletproof their mind and transform their stressful relationships. I believe in being the change you want to see in the world and today I’m teaching the tools and techniques that have helped me transform my life. Participation: £10 online / £20 at the door Seats limited. Make sure to book early so you don’t miss out. See you there!

Networking Brunch

The Good Egg Soho

London is a busy city. But it’s not easy to meet people and build connection. Please join us for a networking brunch to meet new people and have genuine conversations with like-minded individuals. We will have ice-breaker games in order to facilitate exchanges and help you build deeper connections. This is a good opportunity to practice your conversation skills. As with any other skill, the more you practice the better you become. Please make sure to keep your RSVP up-to-date in order to facilitate the reservation with the venue. See you there!

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Conversation practice - Meeting new people

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