What we're about

Just a little about myself, I never expected myself to be so into hiking. To be able to meet so many people with similar interests as me, I feel that I am really lucky. Many of them are really kind and they have taught me many things, many times I keep admiring them.

When I started organising all these, it is because I realised I love hiking and hope to keep hiking more with a smaller group that emphasizes on communication. In addition to that, I could also choose the places I really want to go. For example, I get to choose the food I like to eat, (I get to choose cereal prawn without shell) which could not be done if I join other groups.

Eventually I came to like planning and organizing all these trips for people and focusing on enjoying together with everyone and new ideas. It makes me really happy and appreciated when I see people enjoying during our trip.

PS: We are now called HoHoHians!

Our Instagram is finally out!

It tells the story of how we came to be, and all the beautiful destinations and people that we met along the journey. We would really appreciate it if you join us as we show you our story!

Link: http://bit.ly/Ho-Ho-Hians

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