• Raising equity funding: How to get to and through the door of angel investors

    Not a day goes by without new data showing how little equity investment goes to women. Most coverage however is about lack of VC funding women-led businesses attract. But not all founders want or need to build the massive, fast growing businesses that VCs want to fund. For most female founders, individual angel investors will be the ones who make or break their business dreams by providing early stage equity investment. Angels do often invest in things they care about or can add value to - but are no pushovers. They also want to see returns of at least 10x their investment in return for supporting earlier stage, riskier businesses. This session will help female founders seeking to raise their first round to understand more about what it takes to get in front of angels, and then to make the best possible impression - especially when pitching to a room of mainly men, as women only represent 14% of angel investors. 10 Digital Ladies has compiled a powerhouse panel who will share their experiences, tips and tricks. Jo Osborne is CEO and Founder of EVRELAB, the company behind SkinNinja, a free app that enables people to discover more about their skincare, cosmetics and personal care products' ingredients and what the science says about them. She is also 10 Digital Ladies Entrepreneur of the Year Award winner for 2018! Colin Gillespie is an angel investor and champion of women-led businesses. He is also Chief Strategy Officer at All Response Media. Rachelle Mills is CEO and Co-Founder of KareInn, which helps leading care providers transform their care delivery, making operations run more smoothly and improving elderly resident's health & wellbeing Kasia Michalska is Founder & CEO at Ralloo, the UK’s first micro-sponsorship platform. Ralloo matches projects looking for funds with brands that want to support them. Judy Nadel is Founder of Vevolution. Vevolution creates inspiring events and multimedia content for vegans. The event host for the evening will be Nina Lovelace, Founder of Kandu and also 10 Digital Ladies cofounder. Kandu is a B2B SaaS that rocketfuels business growth knowledge transfer and tracks mentoring impact. We will break the evening down into two key parts: 1. Getting you to the angels door - our panel will tell you what the process is *really* like to get investor doors open and meetings booked, and how you can maximise your chances of grabbing their attention such as understanding SEIS and EIS 2. Getting through the door and keeping you there until you close your deal - our panel will also take you through the top things angels will need to know about your business in order to have the confidence to seal the deal. We will also be livestreaming this event (details to come), join our YouTube Channel (https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=10+digital+ladies) in advance to be able to livestream. Please sign up to attend the event first hand for networking with the panel and peers at Photoboxes’ lovely venue in Clerkenwell.