Embracing ambiguity and uncertainty in a fast-paced digital world

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In an ever increasingly fast-paced digital world, where the widening technology landscape and technology breakthroughs are causing business models to change and adapt faster than ever, how do we as humans embrace the ambiguity and uncertainty that comes hand in hand?

Anne will be sharing her experiences of how she’s learning to embrace ambiguity and uncertainty rather than run from it. She’ll be joined by panellists (to be announced) who will be sharing how this topic affects their digital roles, how they have lead through it, personally dealt with it and are setting up organisations to thrive through it.

Anne Simmons is the winner of the 10 Digital Ladies Technologist award 2018, commended by the judges for the techniques she developed to build her confidence each time she took on a new challenge. Anne is a Global Head of Capability at ThoughtWorks, where she is responsible for new market growth, helping ThoughtWorks successfully enter and service new markets and offerings. In this role, Anne works with country leadership teams around the world to ensure a strategic approach to both individual and organisational capability planning and development and is especially focused on Machine Learning and AI capabilities and offerings currently.

Reshma Shaikh - Chief of staff to the COO at Springer Nature
"While at Springer Nature, she has also directed large automation programmes, championed innovation within the company, led departments of 170+ people over three locations through mergers and restructures, set up digital capability with captive outsourced specialists, reinvented a global content delivery platform, all the while acting as a change agent, changing the department from a traditional IT organisation to being the digital force behind Springer Nature.”

Lindy Stephens - Lindy is an independent consultant and leadership coach in the software industry, focusing on helping companies maintain their culture during periods of rapid growth, and assisting businesses in building diverse teams. She is also a board director of Fair Agenda, a campaign organisation focused on creating a fair and equal future for women.

Previously Lindy spent ten years as a senior leader at global software consultancy ThoughtWorks. She has a background in software delivery, with over ten years as a Project Manager for large and complex software projects, primarily in the finance sector.

Lindy is passionate about the ability of great software to change the world, and creating a diverse culture within the IT industry to enable that. Her particular focus is in making technology a career of choice for young women.

Lindsay Ratcliffe - 10DL Specialist 2017 award-winner, innovation and experience design leader and author who believes that life is too short for bad experiences! She has a passion for customer-focused strategy, design thinking, innovation, collaboration and continuous evolution.