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What we’re about

Meet your traveling friends! We are building a community of friends, not only from the Southern California area, but from all over the world, who like to travel.

If you love to travel I'm sure you've been there: You decide on a place you want to go to. Maybe you even start planning the trip. Then you try to find friends to go with you, and everyone has all sorts of reasons (excuses...) why they can't go. Or even worse, sometimes you even schedule the trip, and your friends pull out!

Well, that's why we started 1000 Treks Travel Community. We are a group of friends who like to travel. We are welcoming, we are fun, we are inclusive; and, most of all, we want to see everything there is to see and do everything there is to do!

Join us and let's build a community to see the world together!

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