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Reading the greats found in 1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die, and meeting interesting people while at it.

The list can be found here: https://1001bookreviews.com/the-1001-book-list/

This group usually - but not always - meets on the second Sunday of the month over a drink, tea/coffee, or a nosh. This is a mixed age/gender group; people from all backgrounds are welcome to participate in the book discussions. Books are chosen from the 1001 books list with an effort towards a diverse selection (such as: men/women authors, different geographical regions, majority/minority perspectives, variety of styles, etc). In order to be chosen, the book has to have appeared in at least one edition of 1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die. Of course, there are many other great books, but the topic of this particular book club is the 1001 books list (or 1305, to be exact, since the list varies somewhat between the editions).

Coming to a discussion group assumes you've read the book chosen for the month, or don't mind the spoilers. Repeated no-shows will be removed from the group, sorry! Please update your RSVP prior to the meetup if you are not planning to come.

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The Joke - Milan Kundera

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Mr. Kundera started writing The Joke in 1962 and three years later submitted it to Czech publishers, aware that its ''spirit ... was diametrically opposed to the official ideology.'' It finally appeared in 1967, becoming a great success during the doomed, hope-filled weeks of ''the Prague spring.'' When the Russian tanks crashed into Prague, ''The Joke'' vanished from bookstores and libraries. All too often, this brilliant novel of thwarted love and revenge miscarried has been read for its political implications. Now, years after the collapse of the Soviet-imposed Czechoslovak regime, it becomes easier to put such implications into perspective in favor of valuing the book (and all Kundera 's work) as what it truly is: great, stirring literature that sheds new light on the eternal themes of human existence.


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High-Rise - J. G. Ballard

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Within the concealing walls of an elegant 40-story tower block, the tenants are hell-bent on an orgy of destruction. Cocktail parties degenerate into marauding attacks on 'enemy' floors, and the once-luxurious amenities become an arena for riots and technological mayhem. In this visionary tale of urban disillusionment, society slips into a violent reverse as the isolated inhabitants of the high-rise, driven by primal urges, recreate a dystopian world ruled by the laws of the jungle.

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The Inheritance of Loss - Kiran Desai

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