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Meet 106 Miles founders Adam Rifkin and Joyce Park + Demos & Cocktails

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C'mon down to Tapas by John Wayne Airport in OC for awesome tapas, tasty sangrias, demos & conversations with Orange County's combined communities of innovators, geeks, founders and startup folks.

The highlight of this event is the opportunity to be inspired by some companies from Orange County and surrounding metropolitan areas, comprised of your peers, showcasing software & hardware products in the mobile, web, green, social entrepreneurship, M2M & robotics spaces.

As an added bonus, 106 Miles Co-founders Adam Rifkin ( and Joyce Park are in town from NorCal. Come meet them and learn about current trends in and around Silicon Valley.

Here is a partial list of showcasing companies:

Aaron Thomen ( has many interests including microelectronics and mechanical engineering. He is always questioning the limits of possibility, which is why he set out to build a capable robotic hand for as little money as possible. He used parts from the hardware store and ordinary hand tools to build a robotic hand with strength and dexterity, for less than $200.

Here is an article / video of the project by Mashable:

and one on Hack A Day:

In 2010, we surpassed 1 billion cars in operation on earth.
Replacing windshield wipers on those cars amounts to 1,000,000,000 pounds of waste heading to the landfills around the globe. As well, the excessive amounts ofenergy and materials to manufacture these wipers needs to be explored.

Imagine a simple Green solution that breaks this cycle of waste. This new device called WiperSwyper ( refreshes windshield wiper blades to provide environmental benefits on many levels.

Sourced and manufactured locally ( for a low carbon footprint, it is made from recycled material, and is specially designed for postal delivery without plastic packaging. Being fast and easy to use, this device provides an enticing option to shift some of our paradigms, and slow the vicious cycle of waste in order to better protect our environment.

The cover story of June's Wired Magazine ( states: "In our houses, cars, and factories, we’re surrounded by tiny, intelligent devices that capture data about how we live and what we do. Now they are beginning to talk to one another. Soon we’ll be able to choreograph them to respond to our needs, solve our problems, even save our lives."

See the 'Internet of Things' in action as Oval Integration ( brings their contest entry ( that took them into the Top Ten of the worldwide 2013 (IPSO) Internet Protocol Smart Object ( Challenge.

We all have incredible potential to be better, to be great. The problem is that for manyof us, our lack of knowledge about ourselves and our bodies holds us back. One Aura ( the first in a new-generation of mobile applications that lives up to the dream that theQuantified Self movement has laid the foundation for. One Aura lets you know howyour current activity is affecting your body as-it-happens. Choose to improve life-expectancy, train for endurance or strength, or to burn fat not carbs. Using decades of medical research and the latest in wearable biosensor integration, One Aura lets the power be yours.

Use tech not talk to engage employees and bottom line results!!

What is so important about having an engaged workforce? Engaged employees fuelproductivity, innovation, happiness, and new customers. They are absent less,promote their company more, and increase the overall quality of their work.

Now imagine having all of the tools to create, measure and maintain that kind of engaged workforce. Employers are satisfied, the workforce is happy, revenue is up, and everybody wins. That's the world we believe in. Now let's make that happen


More showcasing companies coming soon. . .

Co-hosted by the good folks at Edtric (, FastStart Events (, OC Hackerz (, OCTechStartup (, ROC (, SOGE ( (Society of Glass Explorers, Startup OC ( and Worklab cc (

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