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Got a side hustle you want to 10X so it can become your main hustle? Let's rise together!

Entrepreneurship is lonely. Let's make it less lonely by partnering with like-minded hustlers who are leveraging the power of the internet to make the leap from part-time "small business" to full-time, multimillion dollar, multiple employee businesses.

If you've heard of EO, think of this group like EO for people who are still $12k - $1M in annual revenue. Join 10XHM and get boosted up so you can join EO!

- MLM / scam businesses
- Offline businesses (respect, just not our game)
- eBay / Etsy "craft" ecommerce
- Real estate or other independent sales agents looking to just network
- "Solopreneur" or want to stay small, no intention of hiring employees

- REAL VALUE businesses that deliver product / services online
- Aiming for massive scale nationally and/or internationally
- Target revenue $1-20+MM annually
- Not afraid to hire employees and grow (in fact you might find great hires in this group!)
- Have made at least $1,000 a month already in your business (doesn't have to be consistent)


- We'll meet weekly, probably on Wednesday nights, in central downtown SF location (FiDi or SoMa), in the 530 - 8pm timeframe

- No dues or cost unless it is to defray the cost of a space we rent (otherwise we will meet at restaurants or at my office which is free)

- What is 10X? Google search '10X Grant Cardone' and you'll find out :) Ok, the shorthand it is, it is the realization that you need to put in 10X effort and 10X passion and set your goals to 10X what you THINK will satisfy you in order to have any hope of making it; this is the correct estimation of effort!

Thanks for joining and hope to see you soon!

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