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This is a group to learn powerful, authentic, public speaking while combating those nerves even if you think it's not possible. It is. Trust me. I used to be TERRIFIED of public speaking until I learned a few simple tools and now I'm excited to get in front of crowds and share my message. I'll show you how to do the same.

I'll host events and workshops where you can learn these tools and get on your feet and practice in front of others before you have to do it in the "real world."

According to a ranking of society’s most common fears, the fear of public speaking was found to be a more pressing concern than death. DEATH. Who knew? That's why I launched 10x and created a training approach that is pretty unique.

I change people's mindset around public speaking and use acting technique to infuse fun into the process. I coach my clients on how to approach public speaking the way an actor approaches acting, as a role. When you take on the "role" of a public speaker, you learn how to step outside yourself and treat it like a performance. As a performer, your nerves transform into excitement and you'll be looking for ways to get out and perform for your public. Pretty cool, right?

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