Guildford Monopoly Pub Crawl 2019


Come join us for all or just part of the crawl or simply for the spectacle!

26 pubs, a group of friends and 12 hours on a Saturday are all that is needed for the Guildford Monopoly Pub Crawl.

Monopoly fancy dress is encouraged so maybe you will be the Top Hat, Thimble, Iron, Boot, Battleship or act all millennial as one of the latest pieces such as the T-Rex, Rubber Duck or Penguin? Those not in fancy dress will be need required to a pocket sized toy version of their Monopoly piece.

The 'game' is to endeavor to drink a half pint in 26 locations (22 colours and 4 transport locations). There will likely be Chance? and Community Chest cards for you and we will likely be collecting donations for charity too.

We shall assemble at Wetherspoons to bag our first location and beer at 10am, for a 10.30am departure to move on to our next location (a light blue one). For those wanting a breakfast meet at 9.15am.

Come on you know it makes sense but nothing will after 26 pubs!

An event fee of £2 will be charged for Monopoly event expenses.

Attendees (5)

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