12min.MOVE #1 - Mobility, Society and Infrastructure

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Welcome @12min.me Berlin's monthly evening of inspiration, exchange and networking across borders and industries!

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More than 2000 speakers have rocked a 12min.me stage since the first event in 2014. 12min.me has become the fastest growing meetup outside the United States. By now, our events are hosted in 35 cities across 7 countries on a regular basis and on a broad variety of topics. Learn more at (http://12min.me)

12min.me breaks new ground with the upcoming format MOVE. This new series of events is all about mobility. With the help of talented and well experienced speaker personalities, the following MOVE events will bring together talks within the realm of mobility, society, infrastructure and their infrastructure. 12min.move is organized in partnership with Design Offices and P3 Global.

Thinking in silos must be broken open! End to end (E2E) solutions have to be found that lead to a functioning Smart City. Transport companies in the public and private sectors face the challenge of creating a future of mobility and a networked society. Everyone is planning or building a "platform" for the intermodal travel chain, but there is still none that works properly across operators or networks, so that the market is flooded with isolated solutions. Through exciting lectures and stimulating discussions, we want to look at the travel chain from the customer's perspective. Easy payment, from a single source, availability and selection options.
In connection with infrastructure and society, the idea of a traffic hub can be affirmed. Incoming and outgoing traffic paired with a length of stay form a smart mobility hub for the traveler of the future.

You can look forward to exciting speakers who will bring topics such as energy system transformation, new mobility concepts and logistics solutions to the stage in the familiar 12min.me spirit.
Speaker 1: Finn Runkel
CEO & Founder of City Hitcher

City hitcher is a carpooling app for short distances. Car drivers in the city, such as commuters, can pick up passengers and share travel expenses. Drivers and passengers can use the app by spontaneously or in advance entering their trips with just a few clicks. The app automatically finds the best matches in real time, guiding both to the meeting point determined by the app with Google Maps.

Speaker 2: Clemens Pompeÿ
Founder of The Impact Farm (www.theimpact.farm)

Clemens is the founder of the Company Builder The Impact Farm (www.theimpact.farm) with a strong focus on data science and data analytics in in the manufacturing industry. As a former venture developer of the Innogy Innovation Hub with a focus on payment in the machine industry, he founded Rubix Blockchain Services Ltd. in Palo Alto, CA, which provided crypto loans to SMEs. He has a background in Political Science, Geography and Law (Magister Atrium) and a Master of Business Administration (MBA). Previously, he worked for the German Bundestag as a research associate, the Rohstoffallianz des Bundesverbandes der Deutschen Industrie (BDI) and the management consultancy Bluberries with a strong focus on digitisation in the energy and automotive sector.

Speaker 3: Janna Zielinski
Strategic Project manager IOTA Foundation

Janna Zielinski is responsible for Strategic Projects at the IOTA Foundation. Her focus is lying on emerging new business models arising from IOTA´s cutting edge technology and new forms of collaboration.
Together with corporate partners as well as the wider community she is leading the identification and realization of economical feasible business cases.