12min Ignite Talks - Exciting Talks, Networking & Drinks #29


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Speaker 1#: Gabor Toldy

Title: How to execute unique buildings around the world

How is it possible to deliver a horse or a bird shaped building cladded with metal? A twisted museum as bridge standing in a valley of Norway. Advanced CAD usage, team work, travel, and different culture to adapt.

Dr. Gabor Toldy, Doctorate in Architecture, Engineer-Economist, Data-Scientist. How these very different fields coming together? Why?

Speaker #2: Jelena Länger

Title: Lifestyle is the Best Medicine

Health is not a result of chance, but a consequence of everyday choices we make. Literally. Modern epigenetic research shows that it may be as little as 10% of our health destiny, that depends on the genes that we inherit. The rest depends on environment and lifestyle. With this in mind, I would like to present you the evidence-based healthy lifestyle factors described in the guidelines of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine and show you through the lens of my personal story how healthy lifestyle practices can turn your life around in a good way.

Jelena Länger - Co-founder and CEO of Longevity Project
After 16 years of a fulfilling management career in regional marketing and education at L'Oréal, today I am the founder and CEO of a start-up called Longevity Project. My mission is to bring an up-to-date, science-based approach of lifestyle medicine to Hungary. Our corporate health improvement programs aim to help employees improve their overall health and support them in forming healthier habits regarding nutrition, exercise, stress management and sleep. My personal passion is to raise awareness about the benefits of a whole food plant-based diet among Hungarian people, companies and healthcare practitioners.`

Speaker #3: Eszter Ágoston

Title: Ambition and happiness: jail or multitude of possibilities?

Being content, happy and successful is what we consciously are aiming for. Although as soon as we get what we wanted somehow it loses value for us, it is not that motivating anymore. It seems like chasing ambition and success and also wanting to remain happy are actually contradictory and by result it is getting harder and harder to do either well. Together we are going to see what else can we do to manage these contradictory desires from a completely new perspective of Organoco methodology.

Eszter Ágoston is a psychologist, researcher of human behaviour, coach and trainer. Works at Invention Factory Development, owner of a new generation approach of organization development. Focusing on leadership and change support, she applies Organoco method in horse-assisted training and coaching sessions as well.