#140conf NYC - February 2011 Meetup: Future of Story Telling

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The first #140conf NYC Meetup of 2011 will be taking place on February 2, 2011.

The underlying theme of this meetup is: "The Future of Story Telling" in the era of the Real-Time web.

"Everybody is a Storyteller: Character trumps Credentials. "

#140conf is a community of Characters; the unique voices and personalities that light up the social web. Lets talk about how we’re all doing in this department. Does your Personal Bio capture the essence of who you really are? You know: that triumphantly smart, hilarious, and thoughtful person only your BFF knows you to be?

Everybody has Credentials. What you need to share is more Character. Forget, the buzzword sleaze around personal branding, we’re going to discuss how to bring your unique personality to the surface through more storytelling. How you see the world. The things that make you tick. The riddle you are trying to solve. Yes, we all have a bigger and epic story to tell. And it’s the story everybody’s waiting to hear.

In all fairness, we’re all going through reinvention. Which means, even the most skilled communicator can get tongue-tied and twisted when trying to represent herself in writing. It’s not easy to share your personal story. Most of us are afraid of two extremes: (1) obnoxious self-importance, or (2) boring earnestness. In the end, we fail to reveal who we really are -- and then fret why people don’t see or appreciate us for what we have to offer!?
You’ll be able to apply the insights from this evening directly back to your Personal Bio, LinkedIn profile, and overall social media presence:

- How to find and express your natural authority: who you were born to be.
- Why credentials and qualifications are really just second fiddle.
- When and how to use external validators to support the story.
- How to represent yourself appropriately for the circles you travel in.
Format / Agenda

After Jeff Pulver welcomes the community and shares his "State of #140conf Update", this #140conf NYC MeetUp will include a 25-minute presentation by Michael Margolis, President of Get Storied to frame the conversation. This will be followed by interactive storytelling exercises that will facilitate networking and sharing by those attending. We’ll close the evening with a discussion about the Future of Storytelling, and its broader implications on the world of media.

Background info: Co-Host and Presenter, Michael Margolis

The son of an inventor and artist, Michael’s fascinated by how ideas socialize into reality. By the age of 23, Michael was a founding member of two pioneering nonprofits in the social enterprise sector. Despite early success, Michael felt something was missing from the conversation. This led him, a decade ago, to discover storytelling as a lynchpin of the change-making and creative process. Today as President of Get Storied, Michael oversees an education and media eco-system including Story University, The Reinvention Summit, and The New Storytellers podcast series.

Despite his unusual methods, Michael’s work has been featured in Brandweek, Fast Company, and Storytelling Magazine, among other places. He is currently developing a next generation Culture Training Curriculum in partnership with Zappos Insights. Michael is also the author of Believe Me: A Storytelling Manifesto for Change-Makers and Innovators, which you can download for free at www.getstoried.com.

With a degree in cultural anthropology, Michael is a student of life’s basic questions and greatest dramas. Growing up in Switzerland and Los Angeles, Michael splits the difference now living in the east village of New York City. He eats more chocolate than the average human and likes to geek-out on technology, 70s ghetto funk, and Indian curry. His TV guilty pleasures include Celebrity Rehab and Millionaire Matchmaker. You can connect with Michael on Twitter via @getstoried.