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Looking for more magic, adventure and soul in your life? If you're aged 18-29, enjoy fun, socialising, want to make new friends and fancy some great afternoons and evenings in and around London then why not join us. Excitingly, we also organise weekends and holidays away together (Ibiza, Marrakesh, Havana, New York, Amsterdam, Dublin, Torquay to name a few - take a look at our schedule). Ideally, if your fearless for new experiences, and would like to be part of a little close community (or set of friends!) it'll be great! This friendly group is designed for budget-minded individuals looking to enjoy what the world has to offer within a like-minded social circle - wanting to get out more and have some fun!


We are a club like no other, Adventurers aim is to create a society of like-minded young individuals who embody an adventurous spirit looking to forge real friendships and connections for life (not a dating club!). Being part of us means amazing adventures with a group of lovely individuals who will always have your back while sharing extraordinary and fun experiences at our exclusive events. We are aimed at 18 to just 29 so our younger members can connect with life experiences, if you go over the age range you are of course encouraged and wanted to stay. Anybody interested outside those ranges so long as you declare thismay apply, ultimately we welcome friendships with those young at heart.


All our events are well organised, highly reliable and hosted so don't worry about coming on your own or for the first time - we'll often be able to meet you outside if you prefer. Once inside, we'll introduce you to the others and you'll be made to feel very welcome. Over 90% of people I anticipate may come along on their own - it's actually easier to get to know others that way 😊


We typically run two or three events every week. These include visits to the best bars and music venues (tribute acts, live bands, singers 🎤- most are free), evening meals, pub nights, party nights (70s, 80s etc), ten pin bowling🎳, sunday cinema🎬 , our famous Saturday afternoon tour of London's finest bars, walks, day trips around London (Covent Gdn, South Bank, River Cruise, Camden etc).

Our meetup adventures are split into themes (lots of variety to suit everyone!):

✈️Travel/Mini breaks-
Variety is the spice of life from sharing holidays in sunshine sailing to city trips to Amsterdam or camping among wilderness under stars in Africa. Also UK trips exploring local nightlife, villages, and markets. Adventure together solo travellers dream.

🎸Concerts & 🐉Festivals -
From pop, rock, jazz, blues, to arts and theatre ..lets experience everything! :)

🍸🍹Nightlife -
After work drinks, Clubs/Bars, Glitzy Casinos, 💃🕺Ball and Party events

🍴Dining out -
Posh seafood or tapas restaurant? or homely pub grub on our doorsteps? We'll do it, but together

The aim is to live, laugh and in the now! :)


We do all the hard work and make it happen, all you have to do is turn up and enjoy. If you like the sound of our club, appreciate our efforts and would like to come along to events that we organise, there is a ONE OFF joining fee of £15 payable prior to attending events.

We are all volunteers and freely give up our spare time. Your joining fee helps towards our ongoing running expenses and annual bills from meetup.com. If you are looking for a free group which implies the organisers must pay the bills themselves, then this group is not for you.


Doesn't whether your a student, a professional so long as your interested in having a little fun, such as dining out, watching films, going to parties, attending special events or meeting up for a chats with a lovely group of people, JOIN. Make new welcoming friends, expand your circle, and take part in our fab times together!

Remember, life is not a dress rehearsal, so switch off the TV, get up from your sofa and enjoy a fun evening out with some lovely people instead. What have you got to lose?

PS: We are not a dating group, we are a social group for singles who want to make new friends by coming along to our events. New membership currently is only open to those in the London and sounding areas who are happy to supply a good profile photo, are aged 18-29 and belong to less than 50 meetup groups.

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Members Meetup & Social Night @ The Masque Haunt (ideal for newer members)

This friendly and sociable evening is the perfect opportunity for members to meet up, have a chat and get to know each other better. Newer members are especially welcome. Why not come along, find out some more about the club and meet some new people along the way. ✪ NEWER MEMBERS ✪ For newer members, don't worry about your first few visits as everyone is here to have a good time, make new friends and socialise so you're pretty much guaranteed to enjoy the evening. We'll do our best to look out for you based upon your profile picture (hope its a good one?). ✪ MEETING SPOT ✪ I'll be here ready to meet/greet you at 7.15pm but ideally get here by 7.30pm for meal (optional) at 8pm :) Look forward to meeting you...

Sip on and enjoy one too many Cocktails or Beers at Shorditch Trapeze🍸🥂

HAPPY HOUR ALL NIGHT! - cocktails and beers KITCHEN serving 4-10pm Trapeze is a two-floor venue with a bar and kitchen up top (themed, as you might guess, around a colourful, twisted circus) and an intimate basement club down below. Bar games in the basement if you fancy a game of beer pong or giant Jenga once you have filled up on food, head down and get your game on. Music is a mixed bag of pop rock, funk, acoustic and blues. £4 cocktails include FLAMIN’ BOBO 🍸 Havana 3 Spiced Rum, Passionfruit, Strawberry, Lime and Ginger Beer served with a fire show. PATCH ADAMS 🍸 Beefeater Gin, White Chocolate, Lemon, Cold-Pressed Golden Delicious Apple Juice and Matcha Green Tea. SIDESHOW BOB 🍸 Havana 3 Spiced Rum, Black Raspberry, Pineapple and Lime. POGO THE CLOWN 🍸 Beefeater Gin, Kumquat, Elderflower, Mint and Lime. REGISTRATION - Register now if you haven't to continue to stay & join our upcoming events http://meetu.ps/e/GnGl0/HJQ8n/f - Clicking to attend does not confirm your place without registering.

Morroco/Marrakesh short break (7nts) - RELAX & EXPLORE

Who's up for fun-filled short break 7nts to Marrakesh ‘the rose city’ flying from Stansted this May? Our Marrakesh trip has something for everyone, being the heart and soul of Morocco. Fantastic stalls spill out everywhere in the central square of Djemaa el-Fna. Acrobats, snake charmers and jugglers rub shoulders with storytellers, the smoke of the food stalls competes in the air overhead and spectators fight for space to take it all in. There are plenty of daytime activities and sightseeing attractions as well as nightlife. Or stay in the lively atmosphere with the luxury pools and glorious sunshine we have escaped to. Please RSVP if you think this all sounds good and interested - no commitment. ✪ ACCOMODATION 🏰 ✪ Unlike some of our other journeys we’d be lodging in a 4* hotel that has an amazing set of pools, has a large dining room for us to meet for breakfast and evening meals (included) and is large enough to offer us loads of single and twin-share rooms. We’d be located near the Agdal gardens, only 10 minutes from the famous square Jemaa-el-Fna, walking distance from the famous club 555 (recommended for its wonderful sky bar to watch the world go by, great atmosphere, and of course Tuesday = ladies night 💃🏼 - free entry & FREE drinks 🍸 🍹 all night!) and conveniently the international Airport Menara🛫. Bed, Breakfast & Evening Meals... pp @ 27/Jan = 🛌Single Rooms £342.55pp (deposit £53.95 balance £288.60) 🛌🛌Twin Share £209.90pp (deposit £171.28 balance £38.62) **includes the hotel’s booking admin fees they charge @£19.90 (deposit and final payment) Sooner deposits are paid then we can secure our lower prices!! Not to mention book cheaper flights! ✪ DAYTIME & EVENING PLANS 🌝 🌜✪ For those who would like to join in, I'll suggest meeting places and times every day and evening. Or you can do your own thing, no problem. Dependant on our numbers most of us may tend to hang around together, or break in to smaller groups depending on hunger, thirst, entertainment, walking, shopping, sightseeing, cultural or sunbathing needs. ✪ WHO CAN JOIN US ✪ It's more comfortable when we know others. Therefore, only members who have or plan to attend at least 4 events in the next 4 months will be able to pay the deposit and join us. No guests or friends. But if you are a newer member, there is still plenty of time to get to know us first. Plus, we run 2-3 meet ups a week! ✪ DISCLAIMER ✪ Please satisfy yourself that you are happy with all arrangements. I'm not a ‘travel agent’, just a girl trying my best to get everyone on a good mini holiday together, with pools, culture and nightlife to offer something for everyone!! ✪ DEPOSITS ✪ If you'd like to join us, first tell me on this page you'd like a room reserved and wait for me to say OK then pay me the room deposit, then after I have confirmed book your flight. Its £53.95 deposit for a single room. For twin shares it's £171.28 deposit pp. This is needed so that the room is almost paid for and your holiday can still go-ahead if your room buddy cancels. I will message sharers more info explaining this. All deposits are non-refundable. Please Paypal to : [masked] ✪ RYANAIR FLIGHTS (£90.96 pp @ 27/Jan) ✪ Once I have confirmed you have a room, go-ahead and book your own flights, let me know when done and how much you paid. Outbound: Wed 29 May[masked]:10 - 09:45 London Stansted - Menara Flight No: FR3556 Inbound: Wed 5 Jun[masked]:10 - 13:50 Menara - London Stansted Flight No: FR3557 ✪ COACH/CAR TRANSFER ✪ I will arrange transport to/from our hotel @£2.53pp each way, depending on numbers 💃 🕺 (plus a small tip), payable to driver. Or you can arrange your own transport, no problem (Just please let me know). ✪ RESERVATIONS MADE ✪ Below I’ll post the details of our positions F = Flight booked O = Own single room S = Looking to share – keeps costs down RSVP Name? (o/s/f) etc

Notting Hill Carnival 2019🎉 - Drink& food, Dancing,Music & Masquerade🍹🍧💃🥁🎭

You are invited to join us at the Ultimate Caribbean Inspired Street Festival! ⚡️‘Exotic food, non-stop dancing, and a celebration of culture’⚡️ To celebrate the beautiful Caribbean communities of London, every year a vibrant carnival takes place bringing everyone together for a dance, live music, and a taste of the tropics. The Notting Hill Carnival has been an annual event since 1966 and continues to thrive each year. Last year the carnival saw over 1 million visitors sprawling the streets of London, making it the biggest street party in the UK. The carnival travels around the area of west London with florescent dancers, masquerades, live music, and artistic floats. Exotic aromas waft through the air from the Caribbean street-food stalls with an array of spreads to tease the taste buds. The carnival officially starts on a Saturday evening where a tropical steel band music competition will take place. Download https://www.timeout.com/london/things-to-do/notting-hill-carnival-route-map MORE Details to follow

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